Northstar Property Management

Northstar Property Management has a wide range of properties that will meet your needs and your budget. Their properties include single family homes, duplexes and apartments in all aras of Wichita and surrounding areas. Their services include accounting, property presentation and property protection.

Northstar Property Management
101 N. Clifton
Wichita, KS 67208

1 thought on “Northstar Property Management”

  1. K Wojtkowiak says:

    Do not use this management company. North Star Property Management is an atrocious at property management. I used North Star Property management when I was transferred out of state for four years. North Star property management informed me the home needs $7500.00 for foundation work. I sent North tar Property Management company the money. North Star Property Management paid the contractor (Owens Foundation Repair) without checking the work. The contractor did a horrible job and did damage to the home. The contractor also did not obtain a permit until a year after the work was complete. What kind of person gives a contractor a check for $7500.00 without checking the work? This was not done by a person but a property management company. North Star Property management company’s own repair man also did substandard work one example was screwing window screens that the tenant ripped out into the window frame. The tenant was also horrible, the tenant was consistently late with the rent, did considerable damaged the house, moved in multiple family members in the home and was extremely filthy. North Star Property Management Company will turn your life into a horrible costly nightmare because of their lack of property management abilities. Do not use North Star Property Management Company. See attached pictures of before North Star Property Management and after.

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