Not All Plumbers Are The Same – 5 Things to Consider When Looking Around

Managing properties can be a real nightmare when you don’t have the contacts necessary to make sure your tenets are happy. Making sure you have a plumber handy should be paramount on your list of helpful contacts to have on hand. When you are hiring a plumber, it is important that you take your time in choosing the right one. Plumbing services can require a significant investment of your funds, and you want to make sure that the job is done right. Whether you need pipelines unclogged or new piping installed, here are five tips that you can consider when you are looking to hire a new plumber.

 Not all Plumbers are the Same


You may want to make sure that a plumber has the required contractor license in your state. Each state varies in its requirements for service industries, but a majority of states require that independent contractors have a business license.


Before you hire a plumber, you should always ask whether he or she has insurance. In the event that a plumbing repair goes completely wrong, you should not be the one liable. Insurance will provide coverage in the event that a plumber discovers major issues in a pipeline or otherwise fails to deliver adequate service.

Training and Certification

A great plumber will have some sort of training or certification to serve as valid proof of his or her skills. Don’t be afraid to ask a plumber about his or her certification background. For example, you wouldn’t want an untrained plumber to come and try to install a tank less water heater in Edmonton. You can make sure you’re getting the best service by calling Always Plumbing and Heating to help install your very own tank-less water heater.

Plumbers should be able to discuss how they learned the trade or their past education in the industry. You may also want to ask a plumber about any client references that he or she has. If you have a costly repair, you should take time to get in touch with past clients to learn about their experience in hiring a particular plumber.


You should always compare quotes for plumbing services before settling on a particular plumber. Having an initial consultation of your plumbing issue can ensure that you understand the problem. Once you know the cause of your problem, such as a burst pipeline, you can then find the services needed to repair it. You should always inquire whether a plumber charges for an initial consultation.


Make sure that a plumber has a reputation for delivering reliable and quality service. Reading online reviews can be an easy way to learn more about the reputation of a plumber in your community. A plumber who has a great work ethic will work hard and seek to remedy the drain issues in your home.

Considering these tips will protect you from being disappointed in hiring the wrong plumber. As you look for a plumber, be sure to consider his or her abilities, reputation and licensure status.

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