Not Lincoln’s Cabin: 4 Ways To Enhance Your Families Wilderness Abode

Five Ways You Can Add the Feel Of Luxury to Your HomeNothing is cozier or more quaint than a wilderness abode to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort with a few touches of luxury. By adding a number of amenities to the space, it will work to create an enchanting and comfortable home nestled deep in the woods for a relaxing retreat.


1. Add an Oversized Fireplace


A log cabin or spacious home in the woods isn’t complete without an oversized fireplace that adds both warmth and aesthetic appeal with plenty of styles that includes a stylish mantle and use of natural stone. The sound of firewood crackling will make the environment feel like home.


Fireplaces can even be added to the master bedroom of a home for an incredible way to feel comfortable and enjoy the stylish decor that it adds.


2. Add Rustic Light Fixtures


Rustic light fixtures and lamps that use soft lighting will create a cozy space that feels anything but daunting and overbearing. The home will immediately become more approachable, easier to snuggle up in and enjoy spending nights inside where it feels inviting and warm.


Overbearing florescent lights can make rooms feel cold and sterile, making it difficult to see the stars outside or enjoy the views.


3. Install a Hot Tub


Personalized hot tubs work to provide a way to enjoy the great outdoors at night while stargazing with friends and family in the warm water. Whether it’s snowing outside or a bit drizzly, a hot tub provides a way to listen to the peaceful noises outside and easily relax over good conversation while staying comfortable.


Personalizable hot tubs are available in different sizes, allocating different amounts of people to enjoy their own seat, along with personal jets that work to massage the body and reduce stress while spending time in the spa. It’s a great way to sit outside in any type of weather for a fun activity that provides sleep benefits and even arthritis relief.


4. Add a Patio


For cabins or wilderness abodes with spectacular views, it’s crucial to have outdoor patios that provide a space to sit and enjoy the breathtaking scenery during a cool morning in the fall or while listening to the owls coo at night. With a few pieces of furniture that is weather-resistant and a place to set a warm cup of coffee, it will be the perfect place to enjoy the surroundings right at home and get some R&R.

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