Onyx Management Company

Onyx Management Group, Inc. is a full service property management company currently servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County. With their highly detailed approach to overseeing properties of any size, they provide clients with the benefit of ownership without the burden. Dedication to clients has been a major factor in their success. They provide a full range of property management services including rent collection and leasing as well as maintenance, repairs and renovations when necessary.  They offer a superior service with competitive pricing to the client.

Onyx Management Company

1800 JFK Blvd Suite 300

Philadelphia, PA, 19103

(215) 355-0500


4 thoughts on “Onyx Management Company”

  1. Beth K. says:

    I have been renting a property through Onyx Management Group for the past eighteen months and have found them to excellent in all aspects of my dealings with them. This is my first time to rent a property and the procedure was explained to me in complete detail. Since I moved into the properties, any maintenance issues have been dealt with in a very efficient manner. I would recommend Onyx Management Group to anyone searching for a property to rent

  2. Rachel L. says:

    Onyx Management Group manages several of my investment properties in Philadelphia so I don’t have to. As an investor I want a property manager who is accessible, competant and reliable. I have already referred two of my friends and intend to refer more. Its relieving to know that I have local representation managing property that I don’t have the time or means to do myself. Additionally, Onyx Management Group brings an enthusiasm to this profession that is lost on other management companies that have been in the business twice the time that Onyx Management has. If you want a property management that is motivated and professional and has not grown weary from the type of job malaise that can affect veteran management companies, Onyx Management Group is a shrewd choice!

  3. Beth K. says:

    I am grateful to Onyx Management Group for the help in finding tenants for my investment property. It took them just about 2 weeks to screen more than 15 applicants, select most eligible, walk them to the papers and finally sign a lease. I had received regular updates on the progress, the whole process was transparent and easy going for me. I appreciate Marina and Gouzel for all the help.

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