Open Sesame: 3 Common Reasons Your Garage Door is Busted

Your garage door is more important than you might think. Not only does it keep your car safe from would be criminals, but it also serves to protect an entry point into your home. The door will also protect your garage from much of the damage that could be caused by a storm, and it helps you to avoid having to get out of the car on a rainy day. The list of benefits can go on, but this illustrates why a broken door just will not do. Here are three of the common reasons why your garage door may become busted. 

The Batteries In Your Transmitter Are Dead 

This is a common problem, and it is one that people often neglect to think about first for some reason. Your transmitter is what controls the opening and closing features on your garage door. It must receive a unique signal from your remote control in order to do that. If the batteries are dead, your door is not going to open or close no matter how many times you push that button. 

The Springs Have Broken 

Garage doors are extremely heavy creatures. In order to keep them balanced and stabilized, a series of springs are installed to keep the door in position. If those springs break, the door will have no way to function properly. This is when you will need a garage door repair. You do not want to try to fix or replace the springs on your own, as they have an incredible amount of force behind them. They can cause great injury if they were to snap on you. Call out a professional instead.

The Photo Eye Is Out Of Alignment 

Garage doors have become a lot safer through the years because of the inclusion of a photo eye. This helps it to determine if someone is impeding its path as it closes. If so, it will immediately stop and reverse course. If the photo eye is out of alignment, this can cause performance related problems with the door. It will begin to see things that are not actually in the path of the door. You will need to get it professionally aligned again before it will work properly. 

These are just three of the reasons your garage door may be busted. Since these doors are so heavy, they can be difficult to fix on your own. You will want to call out a specialist like R & S Garage Door Inc  in order to remedy many of these repairs. You will want to do so quickly in order to make sure you and your home remain protected at all times.

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