Outdoor Areas Of Your House That May Need Repairs This Winter

Outdoor Areas Of Your House That May Need Repairs This WinterWhen the temperatures outside get cooler, you probably find that you and your family are spending more and more time inside. You let the yard and garden go, and you forget about the exterior of your house completely. Unfortunately, this can be a recipe for disaster. Here is a look at four outdoor areas of your house that may need repairs this winter.


4. Check Your Windows and Doors


In order to keep your house warm, you need to make sure the heat stays inside. One of the most common way it escapes is through small cracks around your windows and door, but a few maintenance tasks can solve this problem. Check the weatherstripping, and replace it if necessary. Add storm windows and doors to your house, especially if you live in a place that experiences extreme winter weather. Add caulking to any drafts you find, and repair cracks in glass or rotting wood.


3. Check the Roof


Winter precipitation can damage a roof quickly, especially if it is already in need of repair. Replace damaged shingles to avoid leaks. Be sure your gutters are clean and secure. Cover vents to prevent wildlife from seeking shelter inside of them.


2. Prepare Your Lawn


During the cold winter months, your lawn may seem like the least of your worries, but proper care of your grass and landscaping can prevent a spring hassle. Rake leaves regularly to allow your grass to get sunlight. Get rid of dead branches on trees, especially those that run the risk of falling on top of your house or power lines when affected by gusty winds, heavy snow, or ice. Apply a few inches of mulch to trees, shrubs, and bushes to protect them from freezing temperatures. Remove weeds and debris from gardens. Shut off your exterior faucets and wrap them to prevent your pipes from busting. Sweep debris from porches and decks to prevent it from holding moisture that can lead to rotting or mold.


1. Consider Installing a Generator


If you live in an area that is prone to heavy ice and snow, you know that losing power is a regular occurrence during winter storms. Unfortunately, the results can be dangerous in freezing temperatures. With a generator, you know that when the electricity goes out, you will still have access to heat among other things. A reputable contractor such as Bob Waibel Electric Company can help you figure out what type of generator you need and get it installed. Where wiring and electronics are involved, always consult a commercial electrical contractor in Columbus or your own area.

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