Paramount Property Management, Inc.

Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Loyalty are the four cornerstones of Paramount Property Management, Inc.  They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Property Management Services unparalleled in the industry to all of our clients.  Their mission is to have a positive presence in their community by providing superior management services for the homeowner, desirable housing for the prospective tenant, and professional relationships with their vendors.  It is their goal to insure that all their professional relationships are in harmony with their four cornerstones.

Paramount Property Management, Inc.

1116 Vista Ave. #339

Boise, ID, 83705

(208) 333-7767

1 thought on “Paramount Property Management, Inc.”

  1. tgb4un says:

    PPM four cornerstones of Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Loyalty is not what they really represent.

    Honesty — They have lied about my prior tenants money owed to be being in collections or with a certain collection agency. Not sure what is the truth with this.

    Integrity — They allowed my current tenants to take possession of my property prior to having a signed lease agreement and then they tried to lie about it saying it was signed beforehand but I have a signed statement and an email from my tenants that was sent to Paramount stating they hadn’t signed the lease yet due to some problems with the AC at the house. Where is PPM’s integrity with upholding terms of a contract?

    Kindness — I had to take them to small claims and during the process they constantly interrupted me and would not let me speak. I can’t blame them totally there as the mediator is the person really at fault but where is the kindness or respectfulness to let one speak without being interrupted?

    Loyalty — to themselves as they withheld information from me preventing me from collecting money owed to me.

    I would highly suggest that as owners and tenants to stay away from this company. I had to repeatedly ask for correct accounting statements and I even had to ask for the lease agreements of the tenants. Something I believe the owner should have a copy of.

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