Parker Finch

Parker Finch specializes in the management of homeowner associations.  They are a leader in the management of planned communities, condominiums, and cooperatives. Their staff is comprised of professionals and their services are based upon the best practices within the community associations industry.

From professional business, governance, and community management services to leading Internet servicesParker Finch offers a complete and unparalleled solution for their clients.

Parker Finch
390 Union Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80228

3 thoughts on “Parker Finch”

  1. Sandra says:

    Parker Finch Management is the worst HOA I could imagine. They charge more than almost anyone in the area and do practically nothing for the homeowners. It took me two years to get my dilapidated balcony fixed and they refuse to clean the grounds resulting in hundreds of piles of dog poop everywhere all over the property. The stairs don’t line up properly and create a hazard and they refuse to fix that as well. Everyone here spends about $200.00 a month for next to nothing. They don’t shovel some days, other days the company that they hired arrives at 4:45 in the morning to do it. It’s awesome let me tell you. If you’re looking to buy a property, try to avoid Parker Finch as your HOA, because they completely eliminate all the value of having a condo, because they refuse to do almost all of the things they’re responsible for. All they do is come up with new ways to charge the homeowners more or to fine people for more money. They’ve been talking about a fence for years, but apparently they can’t do that, so our condos are a pathway for local students and the neighborhood horses as well. As if all the dog poop wasn’t enough, now there are usually giant mounds of horse poop too, but Parker Finch can’t be bothered, because that’s not important. It’s ok if the people here live in a field of feces. That should be their new motto, Parker Finch: Live in a Field of Poop!

  2. Mitch says:

    Yes I agree the maximum penalty by law for a late charge is $15 and guess what Parker Finch chooses to give it to the homeowner so they can pay the maximum. Also to pay online costs too, why should that be? Also they are inconsistent saying we cannot build a cover over the fence line when almost every neighbor has already done so. They claim they will not disclose the notices they have sent pertaining to all the violators above the fence line now, so I told them I will see them in court. This company knows how to take your money and do nothing but line their pockets with it. Lastly I went to one meeting to complain that the front entrance was terrible and we need to add some nice trees or something, they told me they would appoint me the head of the front entrance architectural committee, but that was two years ago, I never heard back and two tress blew down and were never even replaced since then.

  3. Chad says:

    I agree that this is the worst HOA I have ever come across. Currently we (homeowners) are banding together to just have little problems addressed. Each time the company was contacted, “It’s not our problem” was the reply that we received…even when it was clearly stated as the HOA’s responsibility. The owner Ernie Marcus is about as dim as they come. Each time there was an issue, his response would be,”I’m just the property manager and don’t have any control over the board’s decisions”. This company is a joke. We have created a website to chronicle our issues if you are interested.

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