Pointe Property Management, LLC

Pointe Property Management has been serving property owners and tenants in the Oklahoma City Area since 1989. Their commitment is to maximize long term profitability for their owners, while maintaining quality housing for their tenants. Their most important function is to provide owners with quality tenants. They strive to fill vacancies promptly through print and electronic advertising. All available properties are listed on their web site, and they are promoted by a variety of newspaper ads, directional signs, brochures and ‘for lease’ signs. Tenants appreciate their quick and capable response to service requests. They offer many in-house skills such as carpentry and repair for electrical, heat, air and plumbing problems. When these problems are solved in-house, their clients save on expensive outside contractor costs.

Pointe Property Management, LLC

6800 W. Wilshire Blvd. #2101

Oklahoma City, OK, 73132

(405) 720-0077


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