Presidential Properties

Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, Presidential Properties offers diversified real estate services to many types of property owners. They work with landlords, tenants, associations, investors, contractors, and individual property owners to create a new standard in the real estate industry. Presidential Properties has two main focuses: Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management. Combining these practices gives them the ability to provide unmatched service, knowledge, and resources to their clientele. As a standard setting, industry leading team, we work 24 hours a day 365 days a year with a common goal; exceed expectations and preserve our valued reputation.

Services Offered:

* Full Service Management
* Real Estate Brokerage
* Financial Accounting
* 24/7 Maintenance
* Renovations
* Development
* Consulting
* Purchasing
* General Contracting
* Rentals / Sales / Leasing
* Tenant Relations
* Cleaning
* Snow & Ice Management
* Painting
* Trash Removal
* Landscaping
* Concierge

Presidential Properties
20 Myrtle Street
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

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