Primary Residential Management

At Primary Residential Management they believe management is to support the investments not drain your income!

* “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau! Primary Residential Management
* Maintain proven systems for attracting, screening and securing quality tenants.
* Provide all aspects of property support with a complete administrative staff for accurate & timely statements/disbursements.
* Dedicated departments and personnel that facilitate all marketing, leasing, billing & accounting with a full service maintenance department to support issues that may arise.
* Manage your investment with quality service & communication. This support is also reflected in our flat fee structure.

Primary Residential Management
668 N. 44th st #238E
Phoenix, AZ 85008

2 thoughts on “Primary Residential Management”

  1. Ashley says:

    J & L Property Management is the WORST!!! BAD owner who is SO unprofessional and has no idea what she is doing…..
    Trying to screw over tenants majorly! Does not respond when trying to contact with something she knows she is in the wrong for. Not to mention doesn’t do anything she is suppose to, walks into homes without even notifying tenants she is stopping by, just walks right in without knocking!!! Also has a past of messing up properties so bad where the owners have to just sell them.
    Only advice I have is dont even THINK about J & L!!! Your better off living with your parents or even homeless for that matter!!!

  2. Rob says:

    Primary Residential Management is horrible in my opinion. The company did not enforce important lease terms with the tenant, charged for maintenance work that was performed poorly, and worst of all, habitually collected rent from the tenants the first few days of the month, but would not reimburse the funds to the owner until the last one or two days of the month. In other words, PRM allegedly had full use of collected funds for almost an entire monthly period! Complaints about this practice were constantly ignored, even though my account representative repeatedly said that other clients brought up the same complaint.

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