Property Services of Atlanta

Property Services of Atlanta was established in 1995 by David Campbell, an established investor and real estate property manager. Mr. Campbell is a Professional Real Estate Licensee in the states of Georgia and California and brings over 25 years of real estate management experience, achieving numerous awards and gaining recognition for his ability to “lease-up” all types of real estate property. Our staff specializes in investment portfolios consisting of income properties in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Property Services of Atlanta, Inc. is a licensed full service real estate brokerage and property management company. They handle the daily operations of property management, and are educated, equipped, and trained to handle every aspect of managing properties. This would include leasing your investment property, capturing and screening prospective tenants, preventative maintenance, and even selling the property when it time.

Property Services of Atlanta
2619 Sandy Plains Rd.
Marietta, GA 30066

1 thought on “Property Services of Atlanta”

  1. Dale says:

    Absolutely awful management team. These guys were terrible from day one. They try to nickle and dime you for any little garbage charge they can think of, except its not nickle and dime they drastically overcharge you for the littlest things that they can conjure up as a problem. You can never get ahold of them when there is a problem that they need to fix and when you do they take forever to fix anything. At the start of every winter and summer we would go atleast three weeks before they would come out and fix our heater or A/C after we had already made the claim. One time a pipe burst in our house and nobody responded to any phone calls, messages,or emails I sent… the whole time our house was flooding. I had to get someone to come fix it myself. They treat their tendants like crap and there is no talking to them in a dispute. OVOID THIS MANAGEMENT SERVICE AT ALL COSTS!YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DONT!!!

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