Protect Your Nest: Four Overlooked Threats to Your Home

Protect Your Nest, Four Overlooked Threats to Your Home

You want to feel safe and secure in your home, but have you considered the hidden threats that are lurking around the corner? The fact is that there are several dangers to your home that might not be on your radar. If you want to ensure that your home is truly safe from harm, then consider taking a closer look to ensure that these threats aren’t going to damage your happy home.

Poor Attic Ventilation

When was the last time you went in the attic? While it’s normal for the attic to be hot in the summer, it shouldn’t feel like you’re walking into an oven. Excessive heat that builds up in the attic is damaging to asphalt shingles, and your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover that damage. Have the attic inspected by a roofing company to correct the ventilation and lower temperatures if this is the case.

Attractive Trees Come with Roots

That huge tree in the front yard that shades your home in the summer also poses a threat to your foundation. A good rule of thumb is that the roots on a tree extend at least as far as the longest branches, and they can go out even beyond the drip line formed by the outer perimeter of leaves. In addition to threatening your foundation, the tree roots also pose a threat to your sewer drains.

If the tree is large enough that the branches hang over your home, then you might want to have the tree removed. If you’re worried about the threat to lines, consider putting a special chemical down the drain that will kill any roots that are starting to break through the pipes.

Creeping, Crawling Intruders

Termites can damage the wood framing of your home, but did you know that carpenter ants can also harm your property? Any insect or rodent infestation can harm the structure of your home if it’s ignored. The Guardian reports that rats can chew through lines and even pipes, increasing the risk of fire or flood. You can find specialists in ant control in Sacramento and around the US who can inspect your home to determine if pests are an issue and how they should be treated.

The Damage of Time

Finally, the passage of time harms your home. Caulk dries out and shrinks, leaving areas exposed to water damage. Window seals break down, and shingles gradually wear out. The home requires constant maintenance to keep everything in top condition. Be vigilant about repairs, and invest in regular inspections of your HVAC, roof and plumbing systems to ensure that everything is still working properly.

When you’re going through your home safety checklist, consider these hidden dangers that threaten the structure of your home. It’s important to be observant and invest in any necessary repairs as quickly as possible. With diligence and some smart investments, you can be confident that your home will continue to be your refuge for decades to come.

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