Quicken shows a summary of your rental property management expenses by property, so you know where your money is going, and where you can cut back. Quicken Property manager is not an online service and does not require a monthly service fee. You just buy the software once and install it on your computer. Available as a download or on CD-ROM.

Quicken property management software is like any other property management software that is available today in that it helps you to better manage your property or properties using all sorts of features and functions.

Quicken Property Manager is effective for one property or multiple properties and is a great alternative for those who choose to stay away from property management companies due to their high fees or because they simply enjoy a more hands on approach to managing their properties. Here are some of Quicken Property Manager’s features:

•    Tax Help: When you have rental property you have to file a Schedule E with your tax return each year. Quicken’s software will automatically generate this for you. This ensures that the numbers are correct and more importantly that the IRS will be receiving the proper information.
•    Tracks Performance: Quicken property management software will keep track of all the money you put into your rental properties as well as all of the money you receive from your rental properties and show you just how well you are doing at any point in time. This allows you to see which units or properties are making you the most amount of money and which ones may even be losing you money.
•    Integrates with your Finances: Because it is a Quicken product, it means that you can integrate the income from your rental properties into other Quicken programs and effectively track all of your financials together. This allows you a one stop way to track and manage all of your financials together.
•    Rent Help: Quicken property management software helps you to keep track of rent payments. Instantly get a report and see who has paid rent on time and who is falling behind. By knowing each month who needs to be reminded of rent being due you can avoid long periods of time from elapsing when rent is owed.
•    Bill Help: Quicken property management software allows you to enter in dates that bills you are responsible for such as garbage pickup. You then receive a reminder when the bills are coming due so that you never again have to try to remember which property has certain bills due at any time. This keeps your end of the rental agreement in place and ensures that your renters will always enjoy what you have agreed to pay for.

While property management can be a real chore, with quality property management software such as Quicken property management software it may just be a little bit easier for you. Quicken also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and allows you to get your money back if you are not completely satisfied. One word of warning here, they do not refund return shipping. Additionally, they offer free phone and online support which can also be helpful should you run into any trouble along the way.

Read the following user reviews of Quicken Rental Property Manager to help you decide if their property management software is right for you.

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2 thoughts on “Quicken”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of Quicken for Property Management. While Quicken is an excellent accounting package, it feels like they’ve just thrown a quick cheap shell over Quicken to try to make it work better for Property Managers. I feel that there are many specialized solutions that are better suited to Property Management.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m reviewing the details of the software but don’t see anything about integrated Tenant Screening Products. This product has high reviews but seems like it’s missing a few key features.

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