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Real Property Management Colorado is a customer service oriented company specializing in the management of single family homes, small rental properties, and homeowner’s associations.

They have managed thousands of rental properties for over 20 years with a professional, well-trained staff of property managers, maintenance personnel, and accountants.

Real Property Management – Denver
5990 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard
Suite 230
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

4 thoughts on “Real Property Management”

  1. Tracey says:

    I’ve been looking for a site like this so I could share my experience with Real Property Management. I had an awful experience with them. I should have known from the first appointment when the representative was lost and called to ask for directions. Seriously? Some one who shows houses to potential renters had to call to ask for directions?? They claim to advertise your property on several websites, but after several weeks I found my property wasn’t listed on any other sites besides theirs. This person left the company, but the company didn’t bother to tell me my contact was no longer at the company. For months no one would ever answer the phone – I always left messages and rarely got a call back. Their invoices are sloppy and hard to understand. Some months I would be charged certain fees, other months I wouldn’t. I didn’t receive my rent payments on specific dates – it was often half way through the month when I got payment. I’ve had a couple people in the industry look over the contract I had with them and they all say it’s a bad agreement. I ended the contract when it was up and they didn’t even ask why – I suspect they know. Their rating on BBB is F. I wish I would have checked into this before going with them. I’d definitely recommend thoroughly checking out a management company before going with them. I’ve since learned the tenant in my property had several bad experiences with them as well.

  2. Property Manager Review says:

    It’s easy to find displeased customers when dealing with property management companies, especially during these tough times as it’s inevitable that the market won’t yield the required rent to cover a mortgage, the water line bursts and requires repair, a tenant makes ridiculous requests, runs out without paying rent or even causes damage to the property; however, the key to protecting your asset is to identify a management team with a track record of providing good service and being attentive.

    We’ve made it our job to provide in-depth research on many of these management companies to really tell the story and we’ve found time and time again that many of the slander posts by emotional parties have been unfair and difficult to combat as only one side of the story is being heard.

    In the case of Real Property Management Colorado, our research shows that they have a vast network of very satisfied clients and customers. Unlike many other “management” companies, their interests are aligned with their clients/customers and they don’t operate as a brokerage group trying to generate cash flow and ultimately seeking to make a commission as the end-all (this also makes them a great partner for realtors not wanting the headache of dealing with daily issues arising from this business – they’ve apparently setup a realtor referral program whereby they provide a revenue stream for referred rental properties and they even refer brokerage opportunities). In addition to setup/advertising fees, most firms also take “leasing fees” payable upon tenant placement. This structure promotes continuous tenant turnover and often lacks in qualifying tenants via credit, background, etc. checks. RPM operates on a structure whereby they take NO leasing fee (with the exception of their tenant placement program) and generates fees only when properties are leased and tenants are making payments.

    As part of our due diligence, we asked RPM for references and were pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful statements made by numerous owners and tenants. Keep up the good work RPM!

  3. rusty says:

    The RPM office in Greenwood Village is horrible. To their credit, they have a great marketing engine and that is about it. Once they get your house out there, when potential renters call to see your listing, Good luck finding someone at that office that can a>help you (besides the receptionist) b> return your phone call. They have cost me a months worth of mortgage because of their negligence to respond to inquiries about my property. I had a friend call on my behalf to view my property, he got put into a voicemail box that was full and unable to leave message, Called again and got put on hold for 4 minutes then transferred to the same mail box and couldn’t leave a message again. I have my house for sell as well and their service response time is so bad, the renters are calling my real estate agent trying to get someone to answer. Just horrible. Talked to the owner about this and he denies any wrongdoing and we have discontinued our business with this company and I would recommend the same for others considering them.

  4. Lizzy says:

    I am not a property owner, but rather someone that rents a condo through Real Property Management. I have nothing positive to say about them, especially when it comes to paying rent and when it comes to maintenance requests. First of all, I always pay my rent on time. ALWAYS. However, there have been TWO seperate occasions where they have claimed they never received my rent payment, and posted a notice on my door to move out. This required me to drive down to their office and show the receipt THEY printed for me and the receipt from the money order I used. Ridiculous. Due to this, there is NO WAY I will ever mail my rent payment to them. Instead, I will drive halfway across the state just to make sure I get the receipt (which is annoying in itself, especially since the people they have recently hired are rude.) My next complaint is with the maintenance. The person they have that answers the phone is extremely rude. She acts as though she has much better things to do than put in a maintenence request. On top of that, it took them 5 DAYS to get a new refridgerator in the condo when the other one broke, costing me a couple hundred dollars in food. I have been waiting almost a month for a repair on a washing machine that they already “fixed” only 2 months ago… shows how good their maintenance people are. And I have been waiting over a YEAR, yes, YEAR, for maintenance on a few simple repairs. While they do not affect my living situation as much as a washer or fridge, the point is I put the requests in and have been waiting a ridiculous amount of time.

    While I find that the price of my rent is decent and I love the property, as soon as my lease is up I AM OUT! So my advice to home owners that want to rent out their property is DO NOT USE REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!!!!!! An unhappy tenant is unlikely to renew a lease, which means you will have to continuously find new tenants. I personally won’t just bail out and not pay rent due to my personal standards, but I can see how someone would with the problems of this company.

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