Relocating? A Short Guide to Saving Money on Your Move

If you’ve ever moved before, you know how expensive it can be. If you’ve never moved an entire home or apartment, you’ll be in for a shock. This guide will help you save money on your next move.


Save on Packing Supplies

Whether it’s boxes or bubble wrap, the packing supplies themselves can quickly add up and eat into your moving budget. Start a few months before the move by heading to a local grocery store or liquor store. They always have extra boxes, and they might be willing to part with them for free. Every week, you can head to the store to get those free boxes. You could pack your entire home with free boxes if you’re diligent and start early. For packing supplies like bubble wrap, use old clothing and newspapers or papers.


Move During Off-Peak Times

Peak times for moving and truck rental companies is in the summer or on the weekends. If possible, you should try to move in the winter and on a weekday. You’ll save more money than you’d expect by not moving during peak times. Call and ask for estimates to see exactly how much you can save on moving costs by scheduling your move ahead of time.


Pack and Move Yourself

One of the biggest savings will come from moving yourself instead of hiring a moving company. The cost of a rental truck, as well as some strong friends to help you move, can cost you a few hundred dollars in food and drinks for your friends as well as the truck itself. A professional moving company that packs your home, drives to the new location and unloads the boxes and furniture can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. If you don’t have friends to help, there are plenty of moving men in the classifieds online that will help for much less too.


Car Transport Services

While you’re saving a ton of money on moving yourself, there’s still the matter of your vehicles. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll need a transport company like Inproof Towing, Transport & Emergency Services to move your vehicles inexpensively. Companies can transport the truck or car on the flatbed of a truck if there’s more than one. With a single truck, drivers can bring it to your new location quite easily.


Moving can be stressful as well as expensive unless you plan ahead of time, get moving supplies for free and use packing materials found around the home. There’s no reason you have to purchase things like bubble wrap or packing peanuts for moving your items.

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