Relocating: Cities with the Highest Marriage Rates

Relocating: Cities with the Highest Marriage Rates

It would make for a strange twist of fate if the city that you chose to inhabit could actually lead to the ruin of your relationship. It is wise to avoid the very worst place to live if you want to have a long, happy marriage.

For example, it’s not surprising to hear that Nevada has the highest marriage rate in the country. It boasts as many as 40.9 marriages per 1000 people. As you walk up and down the famous Strip in Las Vegas, you will have your pick of chapels. The city issues approximately one hundred and twenty thousand marriage licenses each year, but do not be mislead. Arkansas also has one of the highest marriage rates in the country. There are 10.7 marriages per 1000 people here. However, according to the most recent data, both Arkansas and Las Vegas have the highest divorce rate in the country. As such it is important to choose a place to live in an area that has a greater percentage of marriage rates to divorce rates.


In 2000, married couple households in Tennessee were at 52.6 percent. Tennessee has one of the highest marriage rates in the country, with 8.4 marriages per 1000 people. Many couples plant roots and start their lives together in this beautiful state. You may be interested in knowing that there is no waiting period to be married in Tennessee. You can have a Smoky Mountain wedding and honeymoon with no waiting periods or blood tests.

relocating marriage rates hawaiiHawaii

Hawaii is also a popular wedding destination and has the second highest marriage rate in the country. It shows 17.9 marriages per 1000 people. It is known for its diverse population with one third of all marriages between interracial couples. Many couples want to get a fresh start in a new city. Deciding where to settle down can be extremely challenging. If people can’t find jobs and can’t keep them, this leads to instability in the marriage.

Consider where you can build the life you really want and build your future together. Many marriages have failed or will fail because the couple happens to be living in a city where long term relationships don’t have a chance to survive.


The largest Mormon population in the country is in Utah. The high marriage rate shows that there are 8.2 marriages per 1000 people in Utah. In fact, 17.4 percent of all households in the 2010 Salt Lake City census were married husband and wife families.

Salt Lake City is a very family and kid friendly city. The city offers dozens of fun activities to keep your child active and engaged. Some of the best neighborhoods near Salt Lake City to relocate your home to are Fruit Heights, Bountiful, and Farmington. These neighborhoods among others are also very family friendly. You will notice that all of the neighbors know each and see the kids outside playing. In the summer, the kids may get to play in a small stream and in the winter they can sled down one of the nearby hills. A typical great place for social interaction among the adults is sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows with their family. The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City covers 42 acres and includes more than 800 animals. Liberty Park is Salt Lake City’s second largest public park. More fun for all ages is the famous large amusement park, Lagoon, about 15 miles north of Salt Lake City.


A marriage should be an opportunity to forge a new life together for the long term. When seeking out the perfect place to live, the quality of life is important. Married couples now live in 51.1 percent of the California’s households. San Jose, Calif. is home to households where almost fifty five percent are married households. The families enjoy the highest annual mean income available, at $69,000 a year. It is a great spot to set up shop for both a business and a prospective family. The city also has a great rental market, plenty of amenities and fabulous weather. San Jose has comparatively low crime rates with stable high median household income.

A high percentage of married households appreciate being in a city with low, affordable living costs. Job opportunities will also dictate the city that you will end up choosing. The winners are the cities where the job opportunities provide a good income and the cost of living is manageable.

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