Renovate to Sell: 5 Simple Changes to Make Your House More Appealing to Buyers

Selling a house may be a complex process. However, getting your home looking great doesn’t have to be. In fact, the simplest changes may be the ones that get the most return on your investment. Let’s look at a few specific renovations that can make your home look good and get top dollar on the market.

There are many different things available to people who want to renovate as well as make renovation their career. From book and web articles to online education resources such as Rules of Renovation.

Add a Coat of Paint

Adding paint to existing siding, the garage door or to your front door can make the house pop from the outside. Fresh paint in interior rooms may make them look clean and can be a sign that the house has been well cared for. Professional painters may be able to do the work for you if physical conditions or lack of time prevent you from doing it yourself.

Ideally, you will give yourself several days to complete the project as priming, sanding and other prep work may need to be done. You should also research the type of paint that looks best and can best handle the conditions inside or outside of your home. The use of neutral colors is generally best when showing off a home as this provides a blank slate for buyers to imagine the home as their own.

Refinish the Floors

Wood floors are a timeless look in any home, and they can be easy to restore. If you have carpet right now, all you need to do is rip it up and buff the wood floors. If you already have wood floors, all you need to do is shine and wax them for an amazing finish. In most cases, old or slightly damaged wood can be restored to a natural and clean finish.

In the event that you want to update the wood in your home, you can choose either real or manufactured wood products. While natural wood may be more durable, manufactured products look just as real and may be much cheaper. That may be ideal for homes in neighborhoods where real estate prices are lower.

Add Central Air

In most parts of the United States, there are several weeks or months per year that feature hot and humid weather. Adding central air conditioning to a home can make it easier for a buyer to stay cool and comfortable indoors. Most central cooling systems can be used as central heating systems in the winter months. If you have central heating or cooling in your home right now, schedule a service appointment to make sure that it is peak condition for a potential buyer.

Switch to LED Lights

Changing a light bulb from a standard bulb to an LED version can save money and make the home look brighter at the same time. If you have ever watched HGTV, you know that making a home brighter is a great way to make a home attractive to both the current residents and any interested buyers.

Add a Skylight

A skylight is literally a window that you put in the ceiling to allow more light to come into the home. In addition to letting light into the home, they can also collect the sun’s rays, which may be used to create electricity. This helps to make your home more efficient as well as brighter throughout the year.

Ideally, you want to get as much as you can when selling your home. The good news is that you don’t need to add another room or put a pool in the backyard to make it worth more. By painting, adding light and changing your light bulbs, your home can be the most attractive property on the market without spending a lot of time and money on upgrades.

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