Renovation Station! Update Your House With These 5 Suggestions

Whether you are looking to sell your home or simply make it a more pleasant place to spend your time, renovations need not require extensive temporal or financial investments. Here are five relatively inexpensive projects you can tackle in a weekend (or less) apiece:


Revamp Your Entryway


An entryway is not only the path people take into your home, it is often the first feature they notice when they see the edifice from afar. Updating and renovating your doorway and the space adjacent to it is an easy way to make your home look more appealing without investing too much time or money. In fact, the cost can be as low as a couple hours of your time and the few dollars you will pay for a can of paint at the hardware store. With that small outlay, you will have a newly painted door that will make your entryway vibrant and enviable.


Replace Your Lights


There are few places less inviting than a home that is dimly lit. Luckily, creating a warmer, more welcoming ambience is relatively simple and inexpensive. Placing new light fixtures in common areas such as the dining room and living room will allow you to maximize each space’s potential. This is a surefire way to improve your home’s coziness factor, making it feel more comfortable and, if you are looking to resell, accentuating its strong points. Indoor lighting in Houston will soon be the least of your worries.


Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets


This is another project that could cost as little as a few hours of your time and the price of a couple cans of paint. Although it could be a slightly more time-consuming project than painting your front door, your kitchen will look as though it has received a facelift when you are done. It will look brand new and add tremendous value to your home.


Change the Faucets in Your Kitchen


Faucets are another small part of your kitchen that can attract a disproportionate amount of attention. Adding new ones can give your kitchen the shine and flashiness it may otherwise be lacking. Faucets have multiple functions, too, so this upgrade can be more than just aesthetic. It is also a relatively simple do-it-yourself project for the amateur plumber. Just make sure to turn off the water valves before you begin and read the product’s instructions very closely during installation.


Convert One of Your Rooms into a Home Gym


You will be much more motivated to exercise if you no longer have to leave the house to do so. If you already have the equipment, all you will need is enough foam tiles to cover the floor in the room of your choice.


You need not be a professional–or even semi-skilled–handyman or handywoman to complete these renovations. Even though they do not require a high level of proficiency, they can do wonders for your home’s appearance and atmosphere.

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