Review of Rentec Direct – The Highest Rated Property Management Software

Rentec Direct is an online platform whose software enables landlords and property managers to manage their businesses all in one place effectively. 

Rentec Direct summary

The website has a clean look and an easy-to-use interface. Rentec Direct’s entire team is located in Oregon and boasts free US-based support for their products. They say you can be up and running on their site within an hour.

The site offers short video tours of some of its capabilities. Video demonstrations such as Basic Features & Overview and Tenant Screening are just a few you can watch to help you get an idea of functionality before you commit to using their services.

Rentec Direct offers two dozen different features for property managers and landlords alike. Tax reports, a mobile app for your tenants to make payments, and the ability to accept online rental applications, and marketing of vacant properties are just a few.

Landlords and property managers can each select a Tenant Screening option for $15 per request.

One unique offering from Rentecdirect is the ability to accept cash payments from tenants at over 20,000 payment locations without you having to handle or deposit the cash. This feature costs you $200 to set up, but the ongoing monthly cost is free. To sign up for the cash payment system, you must have at least ten cash payments per month coming in.

Additional features only available to property managers are the ability to pay owners via ACH, Trust Account Management and Reporting, and automated Common Area Maintenance charges – which allows you to break out the percentage or allocation for each tenant and invoice them.

Pricing for landlord services, called Rentec Pro, begins at $35 per month for ten units and goes up to $1300 per month for 2000 units. The cost continues to increase with additional units.

Property Managers use the Rentec PM portal, and their pricing ranges from $40 per month for ten units up to $1400 per month for 2000 units. With more units, the cost increases.

For a personalized demonstration of the site, you can use their calendar tool to schedule a time to speak directly to one of Rentec Direct’s team. Take advantage of a two-week free trial to see if this software is right for your business.

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