Review of can be an excellent resource for anyone looking for a property management company to help them manage their own properties.  The goal of the website is to allow visitors to locate and compare thousands of associations and rental management companies that are located throughout both the United States and Canada.  They also have a blog full of tips as well as a list of preferred softwares and services.  Here is a quick review of and what it has to offer.

For Property Owners

For property owners, offers insight into local property management services as well as providing information about to complete the basic tasks of privately managing your own property.  Some of the topics covered include: collecting rent, handling maintenance issues, inspections, screening tenants, and even helping you develop a pricing strategy. also has a very helpful search tools that will allow you to quickly filter through thousands of property management companies to find the ones that can help you out.  You can search by city, state, zip, and even the type of property you managed.

For Property Managers

It doesn’t matter if you are a small local property management company or large nationwide association, can be an excellent way to get in front of potential clients.  You can reach millions of people who are searching for a property management solution.  The best part is that they can request a quote directly from you from the website.  All you need to do is let them know what locations your manage and what type of properties you handle.

Preferred Services also provides a concise list of services that they recommend.  This includes a variety of areas including community website production, property management software, rental ad services, lease collection applications, and home warranty protection for property owners.  This list is of proven services that all seem to have a stellar track record within the property management industry.

Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section provides a lot of very useful information as well as commonly asked questions that need answers.  This section covers a variety of different topic areas including: nationwide rental statistics, most common questions and answers, what do property managers and real estate managers do, misc. real estate property manager information, how to choose the right property manage company, information about asset managers, and how to hire a property manager as well as applicable laws to be aware of.  Overall, this might be one of the most useful sections of the website if you have questions that need a quick answer.

Review of

Overall, seems to be a very useful resource for both property owners and property managers.  Property owners can get in touch with the best local management companies as well as a vast resource of related information.  Property management services have the ability to get targeted leads of property owners who are actively looking for a service like yours.  The best part is that they can contact you directly so that you can reply personally.

Visit today and learn more about their property management services.

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