Robert H Wise Management Co Inc

Their 25 plus years of experience makes Robert Wise Management an expert in the management of all styles of properties including high/mid-rises, townhouses, garden-style and office/commercial space in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition to Philadelphia, Robert Wise services over 50 client communities.   They are staffed by real estate management professionals who earned professional designations.  They are members of numerous local and national real estate associations. They are dedicated to the personal contact and service-oriented approach to the management of residential and commercial real estate.  They stand by their commitment to develop a comfortable environment for our client communities, and make every effort to promote the long-term growth and profitability of their real estate investments.

Robert H Wise Management Co Inc

1500 Walnut Street Suite 501

Philadelphia, PA, 19102

(215) 732-2222

1 thought on “Robert H Wise Management Co Inc”

  1. Michael says:

    Haverford Hill
    Highest condo fees in Delaware and Montgomery County. What do you get for your condo fees? NOTHING. The buildings are disgustingly dirty and smell of trash and rotten food. Everything is broken. Never fixed, and if it does get fixed, it takes months and you better believe it will come out of your own pocket.

    Haverford Hill and Wise Management (owners Robert and Donna Wise) are the biggest crooks to hit the street since Bernie Madoff.

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