Roof Leaks: How to Find and Repair Them

Roof Leaks How to Find Them and Repair Them

Homeowners will find that their homes can stand up to the inclement weather that happens all year for only so long. Eventually, the roof on a house is going to give way and leaks could form. However, many homeowners may not realize that they have leaks or the potential for leaks to form. Following these few steps will help to ensure that a home does not sustain water damage by a roof leak.


Look out for Misplaced Shingles


When storms and wind move shingles on the roof, that is a prime spot for leaks to occur. The homeowner could probably live with one shingle out of place, but that does not mean that the roof will not leak. Homeowners should be mindful of their roof after the more intense storms have passed over. Do this check yourself or call in the professionals for an extensive inspection of your roof.


Check the Attic for Dampness

When the attic is unnaturally humid or there are damp spots in the roof, a leak could be a breath from forming. Many times, humidity in the attic could be a sign that moisture is getting underneath the shingles. This could lead to a leak when the next big rain comes through the area. Another possibility is that the plumbing is failing. Sometimes older pipes will develop small leaks that go unnoticed until expensive damage has already happened.


Check the Roof Fixtures for Water Entries


The most common locations for leaks are next to the roof vents, chimneys, mounting holes, walls and dormers. Check around each of these features for damaged siding, roofing, or other possible entries for water. Then run some water from your hose over the potential leak location to verify whether or not you have found a leak.


Repairing Water Damage


Water damage happens as a part of owning a home. Water can ruin ceilings and walls, it can cause electrical problems and it could even cause flooding in the house. In the event of serious water damage, get a professional service like ServPro to clean up the damage to your home.


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