Rudulph Real Estate, Inc.

Over the past 40 years, Rudulph Real Estate has helped hundreds of people manage their real estate assets. They are experts in their field. They have grown from managing a dozen homes in 1965 to managing over 400 today. They manage more homes for rent than any other real estate broker in Alabama. Based on the number of ads placed in the Birmingham News, they manage 55% of the homes managed by agents in Birmingham. They still give each client and property the individual attention and care that make them unique. Their experience and reputation protect your interest.

Rudulph Real Estate, Inc.

3 Office Park Circle, Suite 107

Birmingham, AL, 35223


4 thoughts on “Rudulph Real Estate, Inc.”

  1. D Money says:

    Before you can apply for a house you must furnish a security deposit that will be used for leverage if you decide to change your mind. They will make you sign something that says if you do not execute lease upon being apporoved, you will forfeit the entire security deposit (in fine print). AND THEY WILL DO IT. In fact, when I figured out just who this company was, and decided not to go with the house, they went and CASHED THE CHECK. BEFORE I SIGNED THE LEASE!!!
    EVERYONE IN THE ORGANIZATION IS RUDE. Once they have your check, you’re at their mercy. If this is how the lease begins, I can only imagine how it ends.
    They demanded a security deposit and two months rent UPFRONT, and were going to keep the deposit if I didn’t pay it.
    If you write them a check, immediately place a stop payment on it before your are approved for a lease. This is the only way to guarantee you won’t get screwed like I did.
    Rudulph’s nose is red because this company punched him in the face.
    Pros: NONE.
    Cons: Want to be a victim? That’s how you’ll be treated.

  2. Tough Customer says:

    KACI WAS AWESOME!!!!! She totally helped to make my experience a very very good one!! She took the extra effort to make sure I had the special attention I needed – Thank you so much for your help with getting keys, telling me directions (more than once) and for having A LOT patience with me. Highly recommended! This company is GREAT! Thank you for all your help!

  3. day12345 says:

    Very Upfront & Personal! Running a business with integrity and not cutting corners to fill pockets, they are very upfront and personal when renting a property through them. Thank you for the property I rent.

  4. Rudy Rudulph says:

    Mr. Money,
    I think you misunderstood our policies. If you would like to apply for a property then you need to provide a certified funds check equal to 1 month’s rent. If and when the application is accepted and the terms are agreed upon by tenant/owner/rudulph real estate, then the certified funds check becomes the deposit. On your move-in date, you pay the pro-rated portion of the rent due for the rest of the month. The only time we take more than this is when someone takes possession within the last 10 days of the month. At that point, we require the next month’s rent as well.
    It sounds like you agreed to the terms of a lease and then tried to back out after the property had been marked as rented. That is the only reason you would have been at risk of losing your security deposit.
    I hope this clears it up for you.

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