For Sale: 3 Ways to Make Sure Buyers See Your Home

Selling a home follows many of the same principles that selling anything else does. One of these principles is that demand drives price, so the more people that are interested in buying your home, the more likely you are to make a bigger profit on it. Another way that selling your home is like selling any other product is that you can actually create demand for your home by marketing it. Here are 3 ways to make sure buyers see your home.

List It Everywhere

In every market, there are literally dozens of places to list your home. These days you can even list your home on social media sites. Just remember, the more places you list your home, the more “buzz” you create, the more demand you create for your home. It can be easy to list your home on a few commercial sites and your real estate agent’s website and call it good. If you really want to command top dollar for your home, however, you should use as many outlets as you possibly can.

Post High-Quality Photos or a Video Tour

Most real estate agents have had the experience of having potential buyers walk into a home and spend less than a minute walking around before deciding it wasn’t right for them. Setting up showings is time-consuming enough, but preparing a home for showing is a major undertaking for homeowners. You can save yourself a significant amount of time and hassle by making sure you make your listing as comprehensive as possible. While you do want people to come to look, you want interested buyers.

Boost Your Curb Appeal and Post Signage

Probably your best marketing tool is going to be your house itself, but it’s not going to attract many buyers unless it is packaged well. Make sure that you repaint trim, spruce up the exterior and tidy up your landscaping. Then post a home for sale sign in the front yard. If your exterior is neat, tidy and inviting, it should bring a long line of potential buyers to see if the interior matches. Then just makes sure it does.

While you may not be in a rush to sell your home, the truth is, the longer a home sits on the market, the harder it is to get a good price for it. While there may not be anything wrong with it, when a home sits on the market long enough, buyers wonder why. In addition, just that factor alone can often make buyers put in a lower offer thinking the sellers must be anxious to be rid of it.

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