Sederson Management Company

SederSon Management Company has been serving the Kansas City metro area since 1983. They currently manage over 750 single family homes, duplexes, and apartments throughout the Kansas City metro area.  If you are looking for a home to rent they hope you will find it  on their list of available properties.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you have questions about a specific property, please feel free to call them.

Sederson Management Company

4200 Genessee St.

Kansas City, MO, 64111

(816) 531-2555

1 thought on “Sederson Management Company”

  1. Davis says:

    Sederson Management is a very unprofessional company. See the reviews that tenants have posted at apartment ratings/apartment finders and also on City Search. I was also a victim myself of their abuse. Do not move into one of their rentals or use them to manage your property. After 10 years of being a good, quiet tenant and paying my rent on the 1st every month, I moved out of my place just because of the way they treated me when they took over as the “managers”. How sad.

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