Seldin company

Seldin Company is a diversified full-service commercial real estate, multi-family management, and development organization. Founded by Ben I Seldin in 1923, the Seldin Firm began as a one-man insurance company in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Through the years, Seldin Company has built single family homes, developed subdivisions, apartments in Omaha, Nebraska, hotels, shopping centers and other commercial developments. Today, Seldin Company headquarters are located in the Montclair Professional Building in Omaha, Nebraska and operates in the Midwest states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. Currently, Seldin Company specializes in property management, commercial sales and leasing, and development with approximately 6,000 apartments in Omaha and over 1.5 million square feet of commercial retail and office space.

Seldin company

37057 W. Center Rd.

Omaha, NE, 68144

(402) 333-7373

2 thoughts on “Seldin company”

  1. Crystal Phillips says:

    I would like to say from day one that Seldin became Management at our Apartment complex, they have been nothing but terrible to the residents that live here!!
    I am writing this not only b/c of what the other residents have told me, but b/c I walked into the office asking a simple question and got treated like i was invaluable by the new property manager.
    I understand getting new mgmt to make a business better. But what this mgmt doesn’t understand its about the residents! we pay you rent, we recommend other people to live here so you can make $$$$ and keep your business going. And this new mgmt is scaring everyone away:(

  2. Mary Martin says:

    I live at Hunters Run in Newton, apt.#2…I have a question as to why a woman,Betty ??? building F apt.#3,is still allowed to reside here?She is a bitchy,old bag that thinks she runs this place and everyone here is to answer to her.Since my husband and I moved in in March 2013,she’s caused more tenants in her vicinity to move or put up with her constant crap!I/we refuse to let her bully us and I want her gone!!I won’t stop until she is!!I know you know who I’m talking about,because of the many many conversations with our Mgr.Angie,about the old bitty.She has already harrassed the elderly couple that just moved in above her,to a point of the woman going to Angie crying because of her.Did you know the parking spaces all belong to her?Ask her!God forbid children would enjoy playing any where near her.God forbid some one would park in the handicap space in front of her apt.thats hers and hers alone,ask her!I’m sick and tired of hearing her bitch about everyone in the whole damn complex!!What happens in our building is none of her damn buisness but by damn she’s gonna make it hers!Yes,I went off on her today,and yes I’m gonna continue until YOU do something about her and her good buddy in G-4,Zelda Lundberg.The complex put a new picnic table out at the park that now according to Betty belongs to them,dispite Angie confirming it does not.The children are run off it immediately.I would understand if they were causing damage,but they’re not!I know for a fact that she is constantly bugging you!!Thats her first thing to say…”I’m calling Seldin.I don’t deal with Angie…”Angie’s probably great with that,but I’m sorry thats bull sh..!Angie is one of the best,hardest working,for the tenants Mgr.we’ve ever had!Again,I’m going to turn in every single petty little issue with her to Angie in writing,and to you!!DONE DONE DONE!!!Can’t you see or do you even give a shit about us here in your lower class put a stop to the B.S. she creates??Last I checked I pay my FULL rent to Hunters Run not to Betty Bitty!I won’t be the only one you hear from,that I assure you!!!We are all done with her shit!!Pardon my language,I’m you could say livid!!!!

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