Settling In: Cheap Ideas for Your First Apartment

Leasing your very first apartment is an exciting event. At long last, you have space that is all your own. The only drawback is that the funds on hand for decorating your new home are somewhat limited. By using a few simple strategies, you can stretch those funds and make your new apartment functional and attractive.

Settling In Cheap Ideas for Your First Apartment

Start With the Basics

A good rule of thumb is to focus on securing furnishings that are both practical, and help define the purpose for each room. Start with the most important pieces first and worry about ancillary pieces later. Since you do want those key pieces to last for a long time, consider spending a little more for them. For example, you could consider Vidara cane furniture for the sofa, and matching chair in the living area, and maybe even some cane pieces for the dining area. Once the main pieces are purchased, you can turn your attention to the ancillary pieces. This is where you can have some fun visiting charity shops and finding things that you can purchase for very little. You could find some excellent end tables lamps that to go with your new cane furniture once you freshen them with coat of paint, or some new type of stain.


Move on to the Accents

With the furnishings in place, you can set about the task of adding accent pieces to each of the rooms. Unless you are a fan of bare walls, consider spending some time looking for used artwork in different shops. You will be surprised at how vintage art, with the right colors will come to life when you paint the frames so they blend in more with the furniture. When it comes to wall ornaments, think outside the box. You could come across an old wrought iron cover that once graced a screen door. With a coat of paint, you suddenly have a very nice piece of wall art. Consider an eclectic collection of ceiling medallions that you re-purpose by placing mirrors in the centers, and creating a collage along one wall. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll be surprised where it takes you.


Dress the Windows

An inexpensive way to dress the windows is to forget about traditional drapes. Instead, head to a charity shop and find a selection of flat bed sheets that are in good condition. All you have to do is open the hems at the tops of the sheets and slide them onto standard curtain rods. People won’t know the difference, and you can dress all the windows in the apartment for what it would normally cost to adorn the windows in a single room.


Moving into a new apartment can be fun, if not a little scary. Keep these tips in mind as you start to get the feel for your new place. With a little personal decorating touch, your apartment can go from drab to fab. Just don’t forget to pay attention to detail and have fun!

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