Sick of the Cookie Cutter: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Good!

Room updatesHomeowners wishing to sell their homes should think about what the market in their area looks like, what demographic is searching for homes and what the homeowner can do to jazz up the house. Anything the homeowner can do that is outside the box will endear the house to prospective buyers. Many are tired of “open floor plans”, white walls and neutral colored carpets. The granite counter tops and stainless appliances repel more searchers than are attracted to them. Here are five ideas that will help.


1. Incorporate Feng Shui Into the Living Space


Many home seekers are personal-energy-savvy and searching for living space acquainted with the tenets of Feng Shui. Looking up the octagonal guide and either painting or placing properly colored objects in the corresponding space will please prospective buyers.


2. Landscape a Theme


Not everyone has a green thumb or can afford a weekly visit from a landscaping company. However, to avoid the cookie-cutter landscaping projects of other homes for sale and make yours pop, try planting a theme. Perhaps planting types of trees that would make a bird sanctuary would please prospective buyers. Planting bushes and other shrubbery that would attract deer or foxes to the garden would thrill both nature and animal lovers. It would certainly make the property stand out to prospective buyers.


3. Refinish the Patio


While we’re discussing the outside, glance at the patio. Could it use a fresh new look? Consider Utah acid staining to give the patio a marbled look. Finishing the job with Utah concrete sealing will give the patio a new life for a long time. Prospective buyers will be able to envision evening get-togethers, cookouts on the weekends and sunning in the summer on such a lovely surface.


4. Clean and De-Clutter


If you have to hire a professional, do so, because a clean house gives prospective buyers the idea there is nothing to hide. De-clutter the house to the point there’s nothing in it but furniture. De-personalize the house and put it all in storage. Prospective buyers need to envision their own things in the space, their own attitude and personality in the space.


5. Paint


It’s funny how a coat of paint makes something look new, but it does. Instead of the cookie-cutter white walls, paint them a warm inviting color. Soft grays like silver gray and warm greens like grass green will be appreciated by prospective buyers because it’s different.

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