Six Major Reasons to Live in Toronto, Canada

One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the US

In 2012 Toronto seized the title of North America’s 4th largest city after a 6 year growth spurt of 500,000 people in the Greater Toronto Area. In the past 9 years, Toronto has tripled it’s amount of skyscrapers from 13 to 44.

The Greater Toronto Area is booming in urban and suburban development. So conveniently located urban apartments or quiet, safe satellite neighborhoods are available to anyone who wants to move in.

North America’s Most Rich and Diverse Culture

Half of the people in the Greater Toronto Area were born outside of Canada. The city is speckeled with various culture pockets. There are six Chinatowns. Other ethno-cultural centers include Corso Italia, Little India, Greektown, Koreatown, Little Jamaica, Little Portugal, and Rocesvalles.

The strong colors of different nations make Toronto a gold mine for adventurous foodies who love to get their tongues on foreign flavors and new culinary experiences. Cultural celebrations are huge in Toronto. You may have heard of Caribana, a celebration of Caribbean culture that draws 2 million in attendance each year.

Fortune 500 Jobs

Over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies have built major offices in Mississauga, which is a part of the greater Toronto area. TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Walmart and Target are some of the companies that have major corporate offices located there.

World Elite Education

The University of Toronto is a world renowned educational institution and frequently is ranked among the top of the world’s universities. In addition to the University of Toronto, Toronto is home to York University, the third largest university in Canada, and OCAD University, the fourth largest art school in North America.

Some of the best public education available in Canada is in Toronto. So if you have still in grade school, they will benefit greatly from living there.

Cutting Edge Architecture

The recently completed Absolute Towers in Canada have been recognized as one of the most beautiful urban architectural creations in the world. Due to the unique curves of the tower, some have nicknamed it the “Marilene Monroe” tower. Absolute Towers were built to be 56 and 50 stories of residential condominiums.

Throughout the city, you can find modern designs and the more vintage feeling of an older city depending on where you are in the city.

The City Cares About Clean

Toronto was ranked one of the top five most liveable cities in the world. You’ll find trash cans accompanied by several different forms of recycling bins in abundance downtown. The city prides itself in being a green urban community.

Public Transit

The number one city in Canada is Toronto. Subway and bus systems combine to make traveling the city easy. So easy that Toronto receives recognition often for being one of the most walkable cities in North America.

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