Six Things It’s Time to Update in Your Home

Busy schedules, hectic daily living and budget concerns may have kept you from updating your home. It’s easy to keep procrastinating about small projects and to overlook some of the larger projects that can bring you home up to current standards. The following six ideas are a mix of updates you can do yourself and some that require the assistance of professionals.


Lighting that has been in place for several years can give your home a very dated appearance. Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps are available at a variety of prices and in designs that can immediately revitalize your home.


Updating the hardware around your home is an easy DIY project that can have more of an impact on your decor than you might think. Typically, the first thing people think of updating is the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. There are also other areas where new hardware can revive an out-of-date decor. Bathroom cabinets, bedroom furniture and even the hardware on your garage can be changed to a more contemporary design.


A money-saving update would be to replace old appliances with energy efficient models. This gives you the opportunity to bring in appliances with a trendy finish as well as acquiring models that can reduce your monthly energy bills.

Heating and Cooling System

You can utilize the expertise of the professionals at heating and AC service Indianapolis to make sure your system is running properly. You may discover that an updated system is your best option for heating and cooling your home in the most efficient and effective manner. In addition to updating a heating and cooling system, it is essential that you have regular maintenance checks performed by professionals.

Front Door

You may walk in and out of your front door daily and never stop to consider its visual appearance. If you pause long enough to really examine it, you may decide that it is definitely time for an update. Replacing your front door is one option. Painting or staining it is another. You may simply want to remove an outdated decoration hanging on your front door and add an attractive door knocker.

Security System

If you don’t have a security system, adding one is a wise update. If you have a system that was installed a few years ago, updating it to take advantage of the many new technological advances in home monitoring systems would be a good investment.

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