Six Things You Didn’t Know Your Plumber Could Do

Most people know to call a plumber when the sink or toilet is clogged. However, plumbers can actually do a lot more than just those jobs. Plumbers are highly trained professionals who can work on a variety of projects. Here are six things you didn’t know your plumber could do:

Washing Machines

Did you know that a plumber can actually install your washing machine for you? You can also call a plumber if your washing machine is draining too slowly or not draining at all. You can call your plumber if you suspect there is a problem with the pump in your washing machine. Instead of purchasing a new, expensive washing machine, you may be able to have your old one repaired for a small price.


Plumbers can help fix leaky dishwashers or clogged dishwashers. If your dishwasher cannot be fixed, a plumber can install a new one for you to make sure the water lines are hooked up correctly. If you are remodeling your kitchen, a plumber can make sure your water lines run where you need them to be for your sink and your dishwasher. Instead of running the risk of flooding your home, call your plumber.

Gas Lines

Many people don’t know that you can call a plumber if there are problems with the gas lines. Many plumbers are also trained to fix gas leaks in the home. Since gas leaks are serious problems, they need to be fixed quickly and only by a professional. Just make sure that your plumber is also certified to work with gas lines before hiring them for the project!

Furnace Cleaning

Plumbers are also trained to clean the furnaces in a home. Regular furnace cleaning from Need-A-Plumber Canada can prevent breakdowns from occurring and can save homeowners money on energy costs. Routine furnace cleaning in Calgary can also extend the life of your furnace.

Water Heaters

Plumbers can even fix leaky water heaters. They are trained to repair electric, propane, and gas water heaters. If the plumber finds that your water heater needs to be replaced, he is trained to help you decide which water heater to purchase.

Sump Pumps

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their sump pumps until there is a problem. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, a sump pump should be regularly maintained and cleaned. Sump pumps do occasionally wear out, which means they must be replaced. A plumber can install a new sump pump in your home.

The next time you have a leak anywhere in your home, consider calling a plumber to repair the issue. Plumbers are trained to do more than just unclog toilets and sinks. Next time you need something in your home fixed or cleaned out, consider calling your local plumber because more than likely, it’s something they can do!

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