Six Things You Need To Do For Your Home Before Winter

Need to Downgrade Organization is the KeyOutside the snow falls, but inside you are cozy. However, your home and yard may not fare so well if you haven’t taken proper steps to protect your property by making sure everything is ready for winter. Here are six things you need to do for your home before winter.

Heating and Cooling
You need to do more than switch off the air conditioning. In fact, the AC unit needs to be winterized to protect it during the cold weather. The furnace, too, needs attention. \

Don’t just switch on the heat. Have the professionals come out and check over the unit to make sure it is running correctly and at peak efficiency. They will change filters, make sure bolts, screws and hoses are connected securely, assuring you of a warm environment during those long, cold winter days.

Windows and Doors
Heating bills can mount up. The last thing you want is to lose heat through cracks and crevices. Before cold weather hits, check windows and doors for air leakage. Fill in and repair places where hot air can escape and cold air forces its way in. Install storm doors and windows or cover windows with clear material you purchase to seal in the heat.

Change the Bedding and More

In the summer, we make do with light-weight blankets or none at all. During winter months, you save costs by turning heat down at night and bundling up under warm blankets. Add warm blankets to the bedding. If your curtains are light and airy for summer, switch them for something more substantial. Winter-weight curtains helps keep in the heat and keep out the cold.

Driveway and Foundation
Make sure to repair cracks in the driveway and foundation. Snow and water will wedge in cracks, freeze and create a much bigger problem. While you can seal some cracks with sealing putty, asphalt or concrete, larger cracks, especially those in the foundation, require professional attention.

Prepare the Yard and Plants
Before Winter prepare your lawn. A layer of leaves may well suffocate the grass. Take time to rake or blow off those leaves. Also remove old plant material and weeds from the garden.

Winterize the Pool
Your swimming pool offers fun for the whole family. A pool also needs to be winterized to protect it from cold weather. Servicing your pool for winter means lowering the temperature, draining water from filters, heater, lubricating o-rings and much more. Call in the professionals to properly winterize your pool.

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