Six Tips for Helping You Keep Your Home Organized This Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and people are starting to prepare their homes. One of the challenges with winter is that it’s hard to get all of the extra gear organized. People are bringing in heavy coats, there are extra boots, and the assortment of mittens is threatening to assemble a riot if they aren’t contained. As you replace weather stripping and make the house ready for winter, follow these six tips to get your home organized before the cold weather rolls in.

Corral the Gear

Your family needs their winter gear, but that doesn’t mean you want it all over the foyer. Invest in a nice dresser that can sit in the foyer. Assign each family member a drawer for their hats, gloves and scarves. You can also use decorative baskets in the closet or on a bench for the extra gear. If your kids have snowsuits and pants, keep those in their closets when not in use.

Purge Seasonal Clothes

Move your seasonal summer clothes into storage. This is also the perfect time to get rid of clothes you didn’t wear this past season. It opens up space in your closet and provides you with plenty of room for your favorite winter sweaters. If you are short on space and need someplace for your seasonal sporting goods, consider renting a storage unit to open up space inside the home.

Prepare for Bad Weather

The snow and cold brings freezing temperatures and icy conditions. Prepare ahead of time with a bucket, small shovel, bag of salt and large shovel. Keep the salt and small shovel in the bucket to easily salt frozen sections of your front walkway. Keep the large shovel nearby for clearing walkways around the home.

Add Shelves to the Closet

Hall closets are notorious for having wasted space. Add shelves to the top of the closet for extra supplies. You can also install shelves at the base of the closet for storing shoes, boots and those decorative baskets of gloves.

Create a Survival Kit for the Car

Severe weather calls for more than just getting the home organized. Make your car safer by adding a survival kit to the car. Include a compact shovel for clearing snow from around tires, a flashlight for emergencies, sand or cat litter for icy situations, and an ice scraper. You should also include a heavy blanket, warm clothes and food in case you are stranded in the car for any period of time

Tackle the Pantry

It’s easy to neglect dated cans of food, but the long evenings of winter provide the perfect opportunity to purge the cabinets. You can also take an inventory of what’s in your cabinets, so you’ll be ready for holiday baking and winter gatherings.

As winter approaches, it’s a great time to start getting organized. This is your opportunity to purge the house, move items into storage and open up some extra space. You’ll enjoy how much cleaner the house looks when everything is organized, and that will make this winter more enjoyable for the entire family.


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