Six Tips to Make More Room in a Small Home

Are you running out of room in your home but you don’t have the funds to move? Does it seem like you are constantly running into things every time you turn around? You may have more room in your house than you think. Try these six suggestions to make the most of your small space. You may find you really don’t need to move at all!

Get Rid of Extra “Stuff”

Many Americans have way too much “stuff”—items they own that they don’t even like or need but just have sitting around. Take some time to go through all your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need and don’t use. Old clothes can be donated. Items you don’t use often can be moved into a self storage facility.

Organize Your Belongings

The things you do keep in your house should be organized well to take up less space. Add shelving units in a basement or garage. Make sure everything is returned to where it belongs. You may find you have duplicates of a few things!

Find Hidden Space

Seek out unused spaces in your home for storage. Unused space under the stairs can be turned into a closet. Unused space under the bed can be used for out-of-season clothes storage. You can even install shelves between your bathroom wall studs!

Buy Smaller Furniture

Buy smaller furniture. Overstuffed couches take up a lot of room. Instead, select sleeker furniture that gives you not only a place to sit but room to walk around it too.

Buy Dual-Purpose Furniture

Buy furniture with more than one function and keep less of it in your house. Instead of setting up a bulky desk, use the kitchen table for bills and homework. Instead of a large dresser, buy a bed with under-bed storage.

Add on

If all else fails, perhaps you could add on to your house. A small shed or an extra room off the back could provide just the extra space you need. Sports equipment or outdoor toys taking over your basement could be moved out to a shed. A small mudroom off the back could hold your winter coats and cleaning supplies, freeing up an inside closet for other things.


While a small space can be a challenge, it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. With a little cleaning, organizing and creativity, you can turn “too small” into “just right!

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