Six Ways to Bring Your Obsessions into Your Decorating Style

Everyone has their obsessions. Maybe it’s a book series, or a TV show you can’t get enough of, but these passions are a part of who you are. Showing off your fandom is becoming vogue in home decor. Why not let yours shine through? To have a little fun with your interior decorating use these six tips to get you started.

Six Ways to Bring Your Obsessions into Your Decorating Style

Color It!

Some shows have iconic color schemes that repeat throughout the series. Dr. Who fans love the blue-and-white of the TARDIS, and any Harry Potter fan have their pick of dark stone or wood from Hogwarts. Incorporate these colors into your palette, complimenting them with other tones that remind you of the story’s world.


Think Style

Fantasy shows have a definite leaning toward wood furniture and fairytale style. Sitcoms tend to have contemporary aesthetics. Ask yourself what style your favorite story lends itself to. You can follow it directly, or do your own take on it. Even a minimalist decor can speak to your favorite show if you pick your accessories carefully.


Easy and On-a-Budget

You can flip your current decor into a fan’s paradise without touching a bucket of paint. All you need to do is change out your accessories. A framed poster, a blanket with the right colors, and a few themed knick-knacks go a long way to show your style and passion.


Explore Handmade Goods

Online marketplaces for craftsmen offer an excellent opportunity for TV, movie, and video game fans to find unique goods. Pillows, paintings, and even housewares like lamps can show off your fandom while still boasting a high-class look.


Scour Memorabilia

A vintage lunchbox, or a high-quality prop reproduction is an excellent to way incorporate your fandom without over-doing it. Pick one or two pieces of memorabilia that touch on your favorite aspects of the story. Online auction sites are a treasure trove for neat collectibles.


Art Books and Articles

If you are easily enticed by behind-the-scenes bonuses, work a touch of it into your decor. Art books are a great way to do this. You can also frame your favorite interviews from magazines or bonus posters included with DVDs.


Remember that the basis of any incredible makeover is the little things. Take some time before you begin redecorating to get cracks in wall, or drywall patched, carpets cleaned, and window frames painted. They may seem insignificant, but these details can be taken care of even on the tightest budget. The end result is a polished, refined look that will make your inner fan positively giddy.

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