Six Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

what you'll need to know before

It’s summertime and you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the nice weather and your yard. Take some simple steps to     create a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere for all of your friends and family to enjoy!

Getting Nutrients

Your lawn needs the proper nutrients to grow and thrive. There are a lot of different options to consider for getting the right fertilizer enhanced with nutrients into your lawn. Start with a soil test and choose the right fertilizer with help from an expert in the local lawn care section of your favorite home improvement store, or find a lawn care professional to come to your home and take care of it for you.


As important as nutrient-enhanced fertilizer, you have to get the right amount of water to your lawn to get it picture-perfect for summer. Long droughts and high heat can do damage, and it’s important to water regularly in order to maintain soil that is optimal for grass to grow green and healthy.


From mowing to strategically planting flowers, a well-landscaped yard makes enjoying your time outside more pleasurable. Start off the summer by mowing carefully and trimming around your house, shed, and fence. Careful trimming manicures the lawn, making it look professional and well-kept. Break out the annuals and perennials, tilling soil along walkways and near the house to bring it all together. Add stepping stones to create paths around the yard to add decoration and connect everything from the back porch to a separate grill area.


Getting rid of unsightly weeds around the yard can also help you to create an inviting appearance. Get rid of weeds in the gardens and flower beds by grabbing and pulling up by the root before they spread and seed. Consider different types of specialized weed killers to take care of everything from dandelions to cocklebur can be taken care of with easy-to-use weed killer.

Patio Sets

Whether it’s a bistro set, a swing on the front porch or a full-sized dining patio set on the back deck, the addition of comfortable, inviting outdoor furniture rounds out the atmosphere of your yard for summer. Guests and family can enjoy the beauty of the yard.

Lawn Furniture

Off the porch, don’t forget about the furniture right in the yard. Comfortable lawn chairs and picnic tables can add to the ambiance and create more seating for get-togethers and just relaxing in the yard everyday.

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