Six Ways to Secure Your Home From a Break In


The thought of someone breaking into your home can be terrifying. Although you cannot prepare for every situation, here are some ways to secure your home from a break in.

1 Electric Deadbolts

Deadbolt every door that leads outside. This includes the door that leads to your garage. Deadbolts make it extremely difficult to break down a door or slip a lock open. An electronic lock removes the need for a key. If your children or other family members need only remember the code, then you don’t have to worry about somebody losing a key.

2 Security System

A security system is your best defense against break in. Even the security sign in your front yard can deter trespassers. Set your system anytime the house is empty and at night. This means you need to get a system that easy enough to use that you don’t worry about setting it. Do not tell anyone your code who does not live in the home. If somebody needs to get in while you’re not there, you can usually set up a temporary code for them to use.

3 Lock Windows

It’s as important to lock windows as it is to lock doors. You can make so your windows set off alarms when open as well. Second story windows should be locked too, especially if they are easily accessible from the roof or porch.

4 Secure Important, Expensive Items

Don’t park your boat or fourwheelers in your driveway. Rent out a storage unit for these items so that they don’t stay near your house. Expensive items outside advertise what may be on the inside of the home.

5 Motion Activated Lights

Motion activated lights are a burglar’s worse nightmare. They like dark anyway, but if they trigger your lights then they draw attention to themselves. Place motion activated lights on your porch and in front of your garage.

6 Be Smart About Vacations

Don’t advertise that you are out of town. You should have neighbors that you trust pick up your papers and mail. Let them know when you’ll be back and ask that they call the police if it looks like there is any activity in your home before then.

Your home should be the safest place you go. Use these six steps to begin securing your home from intruders.

Information credited to Houston Criminal Lawyers.

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