Small-Scale Chic: 5 Classy Ways to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

Small-Scale Chic - 5 Classy Ways to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment condenses all your needs into a few essential elements: somewhere to sleep, a place to eat and places to sit. You can really focus on the furniture and apartment decor you bring in to magnify your personality and aesthetic. Take a look at these 5 classy ways to furnish your studio apartment:

Multi-purpose Storage

Store away items you don’t use often in quality vintage items. Suitcases can be stacked and used as a coffee table. A restored trunk can function as a window seat or end table. Seasonal items, like Christmas decorations, will be hidden and easy to access.


Room dividers help make a small living space look less congested. Whimsical and ornate dividers can also make a great decorative impact, so choose one that falls in line with your interior design. A hanging divider, like a long and flowing curtain, can also add an airy and stylish flair to your home.

Daybeds and Futons

Furniture that doubles as a sofa and a bed are perfect for a studio apartment. For example, the daybed and futon have come a long way from your childhood or teenage memories. Utilize quirky or elegant pillows to disguise it as a sofa. Then you can easily remove them and throw your stylish duvet or comforter on top for sleeping.

An Accent Chair

When you have guests, it gets awkward or uncomfortable to seat three people on your sofa. An accent chair provides an additional seat and adds a hint of pizzaz. To really make a statement, choose a bold color or unique print that is different from the rest of your decor. Like a room divider, a well-upholstered accent chair can double as a decorative element. What’s even better, is that you can pick one up for less than you think at a local furniture store like Crowley Furniture.

Wall Decorations

Things related to your interests or are close to your heart pile up easily and create clutter. Save your favorite magazine photos, postcards from vacation and other souvenirs, frame them, and hang your favorites on your wall. These are easy to replace or rotate, and you can always freshen up your display as you please.

Using the multi-function approach to decorating your studio apartment requires some creativity and imagination. A smaller space is usually synonymous with frugality, but you don’t have to settle for an unattractive home. Once you discover what is visually appealing to you, you will have a chic and cozy living space in no time.

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