Start Your Year Off Right: Top Five Garden Tools For 2014

Though you’ve most likely gone through such a cold snap that you’re convinced that it will never be warm again, it’s actually time to think about planting your spring and summer garden. If you’re planning a garden for the first time, there are some tools that are essential for you to have. You’ll also need a convenient place to put these tools. You might stow them in your garage if there’s room, but a garden shed built within a few steps of the garden plot is ideal. Designs for garden sheds can be found online and come in all shapes and sizes. For good examples to take a look at, a site like: if you can’t find anything online that suits what you’re looking for, talking to your local hardware store might be a good option too.

 Spade and Shovel

If you buy nothing else, you’ll need to have a spade or a shovel. Nothing can really be done in the garden without it. It turns over soil, digs trenches and holes. Spades and shovels come in different sizes and it’s a good idea to get a collection. Make sure that the blades are forged from stainless steel. They’re more expensive than other blades but will last a lifetime and won’t rust.

 Digging Fork

There are basically two types of digging forks. One has square tines that end in points and the other has flat tines for digging up potatoes. Like shovel blades, tines should be made out of stainless steel.



Buckets are used for everything from carrying plants, to carrying seeds, rocks, gravel, sand, soil, compost or manure. They’re also just the thing for carrying water if you don’t have a sprinkler system or the system doesn’t extend as far as you need it to. Just make sure they’re sturdy and that you can easily carry them.

 A Hoe

Hoes are the tools of choice for keeping down the weeds between vegetable rows. They can also be used to make seed drills. There are different kind of hoes, including hoes that fit into tight corners.


There are a great variety of pruners that do all kinds of jobs when it comes to trimming and pruning trees. Some of them are hand pruners that are good for tidying up bushes and shrubs while others are loppers with long handles that can trim off branches at the tops of trees.

All garden tools should be kept clean and hung on hooks in the shed or the garage. Sharp edges should be kept sharp and oiled and greased from time to time. Happy gardening!

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