Starting from Scratch: How to Make a Natural Room Decor

Natural Home Decor

The great outdoors is a serene and relaxing place, and you can bring a little nature inside of your home. Here are a couple of simple things you can do to make your home feel closer to nature.

Use Natural Accents

White and ivory accents can make any room look more natural. If your room is painted brightly, display some shells, coral or starfish against a colorful backdrop. If you have a cabinet to display your items in, paint it a bright color to make your white objects pop.


Small houseplants bring natural character to any space in your home. Green plants can act as a natural centerpiece in your home. Place a couple of potted plants throughout your room to give it a balanced organic flair.

Wall Decorations

There are two ways to create natural wall décor. The first is to hang photographs of natural images including rocks, flowers, trees and landscapes. The second is to use actual tree branches, rocks, or pebbles to create a collage. You can mix the two techniques or use whichever works best in your space. You can also hang potted plants on the wall as well.

Wooden Furniture

Branches and shells aren’t the only way to make your rooms look natural; you can use wooden furniture, like Jamco unfinished wood furniture from Toronto give your room some natural character. Wooden tables, chairs and cabinets can accent the various natural decorations that you have in a room.

Textures like wicker and worn wood give any room an outdoorsy vibe. If you’re feeling daring, buy a wooden stool that looks like a tree stump; this is an easy way to bring the outdoors right into your living room.

Natural Lighting

Turn down your electric lights and use the natural light of the sun to brighten your home. Use sheer curtains that can easily be pulled back. At night, use the fireplace and candles to create a warm glow throughout your home.

An organic motif makes your home more welcoming and comfortable. It’s natural to want to be outdoors, and when you can’t make it outside, it’s nice to be able to experience them inside of your home. Fortunately, decorating a room naturally is inexpensive, and it looks like a million bucks.

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