Staying Safe: Ideas to Make Your Home More Secure This Year

Staying Safe Ideas to Make Your Home More Secure This Year

As a homeowner, protecting yourself and your family is likely one of the most important things in the world to you. Second to that, you probably want to make sure your home itself and all the valuables you’ve worked so hard for are secure as well. It’s important to do what you can and what’s within your budget to secure your home. Use this guide to help you find some new ideas for staying safe in your home this year, even if you’re already doing the basics.

Keep Landscaping Neat
Shrubs around walkways and vines hanging over the eaves of your windows can look wonderful, but if those things are left untrimmed and less than tidy, they can be the perfect cover for thieves that want to get into your home. Take the time to keep these areas trimmed, and make sure visibility from the street is clear. You want your neighbors and passersby to see if somebody is trying to get into your home without your knowledge.

Install an Alarm System
An alarm system is the number one way to make sure nothing gets stolen from your home, and burglars who are trying to get in will be scared off quickly. Ideally, you want a system that will notify the police that something went wrong in your home, and make a sound that will draw attention to your house. Criminals obviously don’t want to be caught, so most will take off and soon as they hear that telltale alarm noise.
Along with installing an alarm system, you’ll also want to use the yard signs the company provides you to let people know you’re protected. That could be enough to make the average burglar move on to a house that looks like an easier target.

Use Outdoor Lights
Outdoor lights help deter burglars while making navigating your outdoor spaces around your home safer for you. For the best results, install lights that come on when you walk by them. These work to reduce electricity and draw attention to any movement – whether it’s yours or somebody you don’t want to be near your home. Babb Security Systems says to be sure you place these lights near all of your doors and entry points like back windows and walkways.

Purchase Security Cameras
Security cameras seem like they might just be for celebrities, and people with giant compounds, but they’re actually much cheaper and easier to use than you think. Best of all, they can deter criminals and help catch people that do break into your home. You don’t need a ton, either. Just one near your front door, one on the side of your home, and one at the back door should be enough for the average homeowner. Some systems even allow you to stream the video from your smartphone while you’re away. You can install these yourself if you have the right architectural hardware in Newfoundland.

Security is a serious issue, and it’s one you should take seriously. Doing all the usual stuff like locking doors and windows is essential, but using the tips above will make sure your family stays safe all year long.

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