Storage Wars: Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

Storage Wars Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage UnitAvoid Abandonment of Units

Anyone who has watched the television program “Storage Wars” has noticed that units are often poorly utilized by renters. The premise of this show is that bidders can purchase abandoned storage units to own the contents. The producers visit facilities across the United States with a large number of units available. The bidders only get to see the contents of a unit from an open doorway. When a door is opened, a large unit is often almost empty. Alternatively, when the bidders look inside boxes and bins, they will find almost empty containers, broken contents or useless articles.

Choose the Correct Size

There are advantages to renting a storage unit, but renters need to know how to store items properly. Storage units are useful for individuals living in small spaces such as studio apartments. In larger cities, apartment rents are expensive, leading people to needing additional space to store sports equipment and clothing. It is important to choose a storage unit that is the correct size for your needs while packing items safely to avoid damage. At the same time, you want to be able to access needed items from a unit quickly.

Protecting Items from Damage

There are basic storage units that have no climate control in every city that are suitable for storing items that are not affected by temperature changes. However, if you are storing things that are easily damaged by humidity, heat or cold, then selecting a climate control unit is vital. Wrapping items in plastic wrap or soft cloth is the best way to avoid breakage from things shifting in containers during the moving process. You can store just about anything in a storage unit, but it is important to consider if it is cost effective first.

Make a Storage Plan

Anything extremely valuable such as jewelry and coins should be placed in bank safe-deposit boxes. While most storage facilities have high security, these items are safer inside a financial institution. Have a plan about how to store items to have easy access by using inexpensive metal shelving to store smaller boxes. Make it easy to walk through the unit by creating pathways while making sure heavier items are supported to avoid injuries. Talk to management about the types of locks you are allowed to use on the doorway to prevent break-ins. Find time to visit The Self Storage Place at least once a month to make an inspection of its contents.

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