Stuart Co.

StuartCo was founded on June 1, 1970 and since that time has grown into one of the most respected property management firms in the Upper Midwest. Most of their clients are investors in large residential properties, though they also manage smaller sites for independent owners. Their diverse portfolio includes low and high rise apartment buildings, townhomes, an assisted living residence, and a memory care facility. Their residents range from individuals and families to seniors who live independently or with services.

Stuart Co.

1000 W. 80th St.

Minneapolis, MN, 55420

(952) 948-9500

1 thought on “Stuart Co.”

  1. Michael Krachmer says:

    How does an organization claim respectability, when they show their customers no respect? Usurious late fees, threats of eviction and unreasonable demands for form of payment are disgraceful tactics to use on hard working people. I am not just venting. I would like an answer?

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