Sun Bleach Problems – How to Make Your New Home Paint Job Last

A beautiful, sunny day certainly makes for a fun time at the beach or in your own backyard. However, this same bright sunshine can wreak havoc on your home’s new paint job, reducing it to a faded mess in a very short time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to slow this process down, which will ensure you can enjoy that breathtaking paint job for years to come.

Do it Right

The key to making any paint job last starts before the job even begins. Proper cleaning, repair, and preparation of the surface to be painted will help the paint adhere better, allowing it to stand up to the elements more effectively. Additionally, it’s important to select a high-quality paint, as the way a particular paint is formulated really does make a big difference in its overall durability and, as a result, it’s lasting beauty. Finally, it’s important to use the correct equipment for the job, or to ensure the painting services you employ use the correct equipment so that the paint is applied uniformly across the entire surface.

Cover It

Once the paint has been applied, the real work of protecting its appearance begins. A great first line of defense in this battle is a quality clear coat that is applied over the paint that will protect it from harmful UV rays. It is better to allow this protective layer to be exposed to the elements than the paint itself, as the protective layer doesn’t have colored pigment that can fade and degrade the appearance of your home.

Clean It

In addition to brutal sunlight, your home’s exterior is bombarded by a variety of other elements, at all times. Any contaminants which adhere to the surface of the exterior of your home can cause damage to the paint by focusing the sun’s rays in particular areas, thus concentrating its harmful effects. That’s why it’s so important to clean your home’s exterior on a regular basis in order to remove these harmful contaminants before they have a chance to etch into the paint and cause permanent damage.

Repaint It

Sometimes, even the best preparation and maintenance can’t keep damage from happening. If damage is done to your home’s exterior, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible in order to restore the unbroken surface of the paint. A break in the paint could allow water or other contaminants to work their way behind the paint, breaking down its protective additives and leading to premature fading. Make sure to apply at least two coats of paint over the repaired area so that any microscopic cracks in the repaired material are protected against moisture intrusion.

First Impressions

The first impression people have of your home is formed by the appearance of your home’s exterior. It’s important then, to make this impression a favorable one by properly applying and protecting the paint that gives your home its personality. By taking care of your home’s appearance, you will ensure it is a place where people want to gather, both family and friends, alike.

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