Sun Cove Realty, Inc.

Sun Cove Realty, Inc. has been in business since since 1977 and seeks to provide Excellence in Property Management Services and locating Rental Properties for qualified Tenants seeking rental housing. Sun Cove Realty, Inc. strives to provide Excellent Service to all clients and customers by offering superb leasing services combined with careful property management services.

Sun Cove Realty, Inc.

3802 Ehrlich Rd., Ste 302

Tampa, FL, 33624

(813) 962-0299

29 thoughts on “Sun Cove Realty, Inc.”

  1. susan fishy says:

    Horrible company.Don’t do bussiness with them, you will regret your choice.



  3. Stephen S. says:

    Do NOT rent from these people. They will do everything they can to keep your security deposit. They charged us $550 for a window that was broken BEFORE WE MOVED IN. It was even on our initial walkthrough and they still charged us for it. Absolutely no customer service, very unfriendly agents. STAY AWAY!!!

  4. Becky S. says:

    If you can help it, do NOT rent from these people. They are rude and do very little to help their tenants. I WISH I had done research before using them as an option for our Property Management (we are tenants). Because our lease is up, we naturally had to look for other places to live. The other Real Estate/Property Management company’s ALL are unanimous in what THEY’VE heard, saying that Sun Cove does everything possible to keep the security deposit. Some won’t even rent a property if it’s managed by Sun Cove.

    Sun Cove, if you’re listening, you should wake up. Do things ethically. It will come back to you no matter which way you choose to do business. You should be ashamed.

  5. Lynda says:

    I dealt with Eric Green, Susan FishBeck,Wendi Borders and Sandra Canino. These are the most dubious characters I have ever encountered. They not only kept my $350.00 security illegally,which The Department of Consumer and Agriculture Affairs ruled that I was entitled to get my deposit back. They tried to bill me for an air-conditioning bill that was altered/copied and pasted, after I advised them that this document was fraudulent they did away with the bill.

    This company filed an eviction notice in November, I had never ever paid my rent late……I signed the lease in Feb’2009 and always paid my rent on the 30th of each month a day early. The bank sent them a letter advising them of their error but they wanted me out of their dump because they were cited for several problems by Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.

    These people are CROOKS……..Don’t do business with them

  6. anonymous says:

    Took way too long to get approved. They have no follow up. I had to call them several times to see the status of our application. Fortunately found not one complementary review and in the short time I dealt with these people, it only verifies that they are unorganized. I had another agent state they will not show any home managed by these people. Although we were approved, we decided to keep looking than end up with lousy home managers.

  7. Robert says:

    This company sucks!! I worked with them for a couple of weeks and the rep (Susan) I was using would not return calls for days.. Finally got a hold of rep and she said “cell phone not working”. I have had a cell for tens years and never had an issue of not getting my calls.. Anyhow the punctuality of the rep I worked with was awful, and always had excuses. Went to complain at office no manager available and never received a call from one. You would think if an angry customer comes to the branch about a rep that when I manager caught wind of it they would call to find out more info. Nope… This company sucks!!

  8. KC says:

    Sun Cove Realty are the worse kind of extortionist!!!!‎ – ‎ – Today
    Run as far as you can if they are the property management company handling the property you are interested in renting. When we moved into to the house it was filty (i took pics for my records). They want you to fax all repair requests but never acknowledge them or you. The office staff is very rude. Due to a transfer to another state we needed to break our lease, we understand the laws and i advertise the house myself found a few potential renters, showed the house and gave them applications so as to have immediate takeover of the lease so there would be no gaps in rental payments. We called Sun Cove to be informed that they would not except any applications from anyone until we paid them a $750 re-lease (for putting the house back on the market and advertising it) and sign a addendum. If we didn’t have the $750 up front they would take it out of our $1295 security deposit per the addendum. I advise that I have done all the work and advertising and you want me to pay you $750 for work I have already done. I could understand asking us to pay the credit/background check fee but $750. Unfortunately they will not give us contact info on the owners of the home and I can’t track them down because they are military stationed in Germany. We had to clean the place when we moved in, pay for repairs ourselves, we have made sure we kept up with the HOA standards for these people home. Unfortunately for the home owners they hired a property management company who could care less about their property and it’s up keep and tries to extort money out the tenants to go in their own pockets. They have 30 BBB complaints with a F grade so RENTERS BEWARE!!!!!!!

  9. Matt says:

    This is one of the worst experiences I have had in a long time. They don’t answer calls, don’t return calls, how they stay in business I don’t know? Avoid these people at all costs.

  10. Christie says:

    I currently rent a house that is managed by this company. I will say that when I moved in, the house was spotless, and I had seen it prior to that and it was by no means spotless. But that could very well be on the part of the owners getting it in such great condition. I have been in this house for 3 years and can’t wait to move. Whenever their is a problem, trying to get someone from the repair dept. to contact you back in horrible. I called them yesterday morning with a complaint of the house alarm constantly going off and having to turn off the main breaker to the house to keep the alarm off, STILL NO CALL BACK and it is evening of the following day. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!

  11. Chris H says:

    This has to be the worst property management company I have ever worked with. I rented a high end condo unit located in Tampa in October 2010. From the start, they were unresponsive to my calls and request. I signed all of the lease paperwork and was ready to move in. I called their office five times to ask them which cable company was provided and if I could get additional boxes. They never called back and I had to call the condo association myself to get the information. The day I was scheduled to move in they told me to come in and give the first months rent and I could get my keys. I drove 20 minutes to their office and arrived at 10:00am, I gave them the checks and they said they would call me and schedule a time for me to pick up my keys since they had to do a walk through of the property. I asked them, why this wasn’t done days prior and they said it was their policy. I said, I am scheduled to move in today, when will I get my keys and they said, sometime today. I waited until 3pm and no one called me, so I called them and they said they had to drive 30 minutes to meet the agent who did the walk through since she was out showing properties. They called me at 4:00 to let me know I could drive another 20 minutes back to their office and get my keys. I received my keys at 4:30 which left me no time to move that day. We had several issues with broken blinds in the condo which we let the agency know about. They said someone would fix them. No one ever called or came by to fix the blinds. I called their office 4 times asking when the blinds would be fixed and no one would call back. I went to their office and asked them when the blinds would be fixed and no one could answer me. We were scheduled to pay our rent and the heat broke on one of the coldest days so we couldn’t make it down to pay the rent. I went to their office on Saturday to pay the rent and they were closed, that is odd for a real estate company. So my rent was late and they come to my home on Sunday to deliver a notice of eviction if I didn’t pay the rent. Funny how they can’t come out to fix the blinds but they could make it there to deliver me a notice. I went to their office with what I thought was the correct amount for rent and the 5% late fee $100. I gave the certified checks to the office and they said you are good and there were no other charges due. We received a call the next day from some rude woman in accounting stating that our payment was not correct and they would not accept it. We had to pay another late day since it was one more day late, now they wanted $250 in late fees. They said they were going to have us evicted for not paying. I can not believe the owner of our condo ever did business with these people. If anyone is considering using this agency for their tenants, think again. They are horrible, provide poor customer service and you will lose tenants because of it.

  12. Donna says:

    I am SO glad I found this site. I am actively looking for to rent a large home and was interested in several listed with Sun Cove. Too bad – I’m taking my business elsewhere . . . I do not need the hassle. Thanks everyone for taking the time to write the reviews!

  13. Jen says:

    Wow…wish I had seen this before I rented from these people. We have had very little hope of getting repairs fixed. Then, we mailed our rent on the 30th…we received a notice on our door the 5th saying they didn’t get it. We called and they said they got it that day. Hard to beleive that a check mailed on the 30th didn’t arrive until the 5th-going from brandon to Tampa. Although the postmark showed the the 30th, we were told that the representative on the phone was not there to debate. We were offered no help and still are waiting for repairs promised almost 3 months ago! We are considering contacting an attorney as we’re sure this is happening to other tenants. SCAM!

  14. Mary Mottola says:

    My nephew had rented from Patricia Green the owner of Sun Cove Realty in Tampa and we are currently in the process of trying to settle a dispute regarding deductions from his security deposit. With all of these internet complaints why aren’t there any complaints filed with the Florida Real Estate Commission? If you have had problems with Sun Cove Realty I would like to hear about them and file complaints along with ours. Please send me an email at and lets work together to stop this unethical and possibly illegal practice.

  15. pettykathy says:

    Hi Mary Mottola,

    My friend just rented a place from this company and Im VERY concerned for him! Im reading all of the complaints and i have seen a copy of the lease and I am questioning some of the “rules” ie 2 hour notice to enter!, any repairs up to $100 are responsibilty of the tenant! who heard of such a thing, as far as the 2 hour notice to enter; i believe its in the Florida Statues that the landlord must give 24 hour notice to enter ? I know that I have left several messages with susan and I have never received a call back. I believe that all of the people that have been ripped off by this company should follow your advice and file a Formal Complaint with the Florida Real Estate Commission. Thank you for you email and Good Luck!

  16. Jane Doe says:

    Hi pettykathy,

    I have a comment in regards to your concern about the property owners entering your friends house with only two hours notice. I’m not sure what the law states, but they do try to give as much notice as possible. Within a week of giving my mandatory 60 days notice to move, I had Sun Cove reps calling me to set up appointments to show the house. Even though I still had 7 weeks left on my lease, they were doing everything possible to have someone lined up to move in the house the day after I moved out. As inconvenient as it was for me and my family, I understand the purpose. Anyway, they always tried to set the appointment at least 24 hours beforehand. My biggest complaint was that most of the time, nobody would show up. Actually, of all the appointments they set, only once did a rep come by with prospective clients. They sent me a letter stating that they would be putting a lockbox on the door (which thankfully they never did), and that if a prospective client wasn’t interested in the property because of something that was my fault (house was dirty, etc), then I would be responsible for the lost rent, even after my lease was up, until they found a new tenant. I’m not sure if this helps or not, but this was just my experience. Good luck to your friend!

  17. Joe says:

    I am very glad to have found these reviews. I have been attempting to contact them over several weeks with out any response. I was starting to have doubts about his company. Now after reading everything above I am sure that I do not want to do business with this company.

  18. Susan Fischbeck says:

    I have a response to Robert. You failed to mention that I had a incredible application from a military member that you refused to look at. You also failed to mention that yes I did tell you that my cell phone was down for a few day, however you failed to mention that the reason I was not able to get it taken care of right away as I had a family member that was ill and I was out of town and was sitting at their bedside in the hospital with them. You again failed to mention that since my office did not respond to you while I was out that I did offer a reduction in your fees for the inconvenience. I also have the email from you that you wanted a cheaper company and there were no hard feelings to which I can post on here if needed. I couldn’t call you every single day as I was doing all along when you had contracted our company during the time that I was in the hospital with a family member to which you were well notified. I am sorry that you are feeling that you must slander my name and my career, however it would be nice if in doing so you would give all of the complete information instead of just pieces of it.
    I usually don’t look at reviews from any website for any company as there are time that things are exaggerated a little so you are not sure if the review is correct or not. I came on this website just recently to see what the reviews were for the company that I work for and found this. I just felt I needed to respond with the correct information. I am a person that wants to do the right thing by people and I have always tried to do so.

  19. Eric says:

    Called about whether our dog would be welcome. The lady I spoke with said that pet acceptance “was not specified” on the property description. I asked if she could find out and her response was that she could not contact an owner unless I filled out an application at a non-refundable $35 per adult tenant. How do I get into this business?

  20. Sue says:

    My daughter and son-in-law (a Marine) have lost 2 rental application deposits to Sun Cove Realty in Tampa with no explanation at all. They have no debt – and rented with no problems in another state prior to this. A real rip-off of a young couple (baby on the way). We’ll be talking to the Florida Real Estate Commission. Never had any experience like this in other areas of the country.

  21. Mike B says:

    I’m glad I found this site before doing business with them.

    I saw 2 properties in the Tampa area for rent with their 294-RENT number on it. Starting about 2-weeks ago, attempts to contact them via phone and contact form on their website have gone unanswered. I wonder if the homeowners know about this company or is Sun Cove buying the properties then renting them out? If I was providing my home for rent through a company like Sun Cove, I would be real concerned. Hopefully, something will be done about them.

    @Sue (above) who said “Never had any experience like this in other areas of the country.” This is Florida…we have more scammers (and loopholes allowing it) than the other states. LOL Good luck with the Commission!

  22. Danger says:

    We’ve just started renting from these people and it’s running hot and cold. Nothing outrageous yet, other than the 60 day notice for leaving and the tenant having to pay for repairs <$100. This is our first time in Florida. I saw the other comment about there being a lot of real estate sharks there, and this could well be one of them. What's interesting is that there are likely also a lot of lawyers in Florida who I'm sure would be more than happy to put together a class-action suit against these clowns. Especially if they can demonstrate a pattern of withholding security deposits, etc. If that's what it takes to get them to clean up their act, so be it.

  23. Jennifer says:

    Horrible company!!!! They are withholding security deposit for stuff that was wrong before we moved into home! I am reporting this company! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  24. Sorry Renter says:

    Wow I wish I would have seen these reviews before I rented from Sun Cove. The reviews are spot on. Their service is the worst I have ever had to deal with in my professional or personal life. They surely don’t deserve the 1 star I gave them. I will give them kudos for replacing the air conditioner the day we moved in but that would be the only positive I can give. Matter of fact if they had done their job they would have known the air did not work and could have had it replaced before we moved in. Instead we had to move in with the house over 80 degrees. If the air would have been the only thing they overlooked I could understood but there are so many other problems that it does not seem like they prepped the house at all. I have been here a week tomorrow and 90% of the problems have not even been addressed. Some of the problems are keeping us from unpacking all our stuff and has us living from boxes.

    If you decide to deal with Sun Cove expect to have phone calls and emails not returned in a timely manner or not returned at all. The leasing agent will say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. Do your research before dealing with them, unless you want to feel the same pain I feel.

    I believe Sun Cove considers the owners they manage for as their only customers they sure don’t think of us renters as customers.

  25. Wish I did my homework says:

    I also agree with the comment posted by “Sorry Renter”; it seems like Sun Cove staff do not treat renters as customers.

  26. Wish I did my homework says:

    Becky, I agree. When I tried to resolve an issue with Sun Cove staff, I was hoping that they will opt to do what is right and ethical. However, I became under the distinct impression that they will tell you all you need to hear until you sign that contract, after that, you better have a good lawyer or be ready to be taken for a ride (or a few). Looking back, I should have done a better job at reporting that company. Now I can only warn others.

  27. Sam says:

    Sun Cove is managed by a bunch of people who have NEVER managed rentals before. This is the problem. They are not professional anything except paper pushers.

  28. Pissed Off says:

    Ok, bear with us, this might be a lengthy one, and we never even have rented from them. We called July 1st for a rental property in Tampa hoping to hear back from them as we were interested in 2 of their properties. No call backs. We called again July 2nd. Again, left a message. (Just so all of you who are reading this review, you never talk to a live person, all you do is talk to an answering maching and hope for a call back). We called again July 3rd, left a message, no response. July 4th, we understand…a holiday. July 5th, we get a call back from a “Hope” who is in charge of setting up property showings. We ask some basic questions about the property and she has no clue and tells us the leasing agent who will show us the property has all the information about the property. So she tells us the name of the agent and gives us her cell number. We call and confirm with her. Ok, the property showing is set. So we set up a showing. At this point we have seen pictures online and are still optimistic. (Just wait). So the next day as we are halfway to our destination for the property showing we get a call from the “agent”, one “Angela Troke”. She informs us that “Hope” the one who sets up the showings for Sun Cove Realtors never confirmed with her the appointment, so she doesn’t know if we can get in, but she is still willing to drive out there. Really? Didnt we just confirm with you the night before?? She is “willing” to drive out there to meet us? And on top of that she said she will be late. Ok, red flags are going off, but we are still somewhat optimistic. Afterall, the location was good, space was good, price was good. All we had to do was see the inside! (just wait). After 4 days of voice mails, we are trying to rent a house ( BASICALLY GIVE THEM OUR BUSINESS AND MONEY), and there is no communication between these people? So after waiting in the driveway for 25 minutes, “Angela Troke” shows up. She gets out of the car and doesnt even introduce herself, or make any pleasantries, instead she shoves a form in our face and says we have to fill it out to confirm that she has shown us the place. Really? Nice to fucking meet you too. So we get inside and this is where the fun begins. First off, the pictures were NOTHING like what this place looked like. This place has literally about 100 dime sized holes in the walls where the previous tenant had screws / wall hangings, and had ripped them out causing damage to the dry wall. When asking the agent about these, she told us that we would be responsible for the cost of repair out of our own pocket. Woah….hold the fuck up. Two words….SECURITY DEPOSIT?? How come the previous tenant isnt getting charged for these damages out of their security deposit?? We then proceeded to one of the bedrooms and noticed moisture / mold building up in the corner of the ceiling. She just took a picture, and said “I would be concerned too” and went back to the kitchen to answer her cell phone. I proceeded to check the second bathroom and checked the faucet and noticed it was broken, the water wouldnt even turn on, so i mentioned it to her, “I would check everything too if i was renting a house”. Really? Thats what you have to say?? We were there for almost 40 minutes, and she litereally spent about 30 minutes on the phone, trying to set up other appointements. She has NO information about the property, and was rather rude and short when we did ask her questions. Besides the hundreds of holes in the wall, the microwave handle was broken off and was super glued back on by the previous tenants with globs of glue running down the face of the microwave. Disgusting. Also, there were wire connections coming out of the walls with no coverings……really? What kind of a ghetto house is this as to what they advertised with the pictures online??? Throughout this whole process she kept on telling us how because they are “so busy” it would behoove us to fill out the application and submit our $35 dollar fee (for the 2 of us, so $70) for the credit check, “just in case other people were looking at the property”. What a joke. The whole time all she did was stand in the kitchen and talk on her cell and make future appointments probably to other unsuspecting clients that want to rent from Sun Cove. We LITERALLY got no information out of her. The only helpful thing she did was open the door. We asked about painting some of the walls due to the dry wall damage with the holes, “I have to ask the owner”. We asked about other basic repairs “I don’t know, you have to ask Hope”. Really? Hope? the one who schedules the property showings? Then what the fuck use are you?? Didnt even tell us about the security deposit and where or what it covers (even though we asked), didn’t cover pet deposit even though we asked (“Have to ask the owner”)…..If there are all these “have to ask the owner” questions, A) why arent you coming prepared to a property rental with this information, and B)how come you arent making notes of our questions and getting back to us??? So our basic question is, where is the previous tenant’s security deposit going? It sure is hell not going to repairs / cleaning when we were told that we would have to fix the walls ourselves! This was the MOST unprofessional, bullshit of a joke property rental from the get go. We will NEVER EVER rent from this bullshit company and gladly spread the word via mouth and the internet how bad of a company this is. And to think that we were ready to give them our money and overlook some of their shortcomings. Thank god that the red flags went off from Day One and we read reviews, if this is Patricia Green’s business, she won’t be in business for long, we don’t care if she’s been is business since 1977 or not. Word is out (thank you internet!!) that this realtor is complete bullshit. Go look at how many complaints they have gotten from the Better Business Bureau. It is sad that whoever runs this joke of a business (Patricia Green?), that she can sit back and watch how shitty she runs a business. Everytime I call their number and ask to speak with her, I get asked “why” and pushed to a voicemail with no call backs. I would be disgusted with myself if I was her. Stay away from this canerous realtor.

  29. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. They are absolutely HORRIBLE. We cannot wait to get out of their property. It has been the worst experience EVER.

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