Take Extra Measures: 4 Home Updates to Make for Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time without giving any warnings. This reason makes it prudent for everyone to take action in preparation for emergencies. It could be a fire break-out emergency or perhaps a lock-out such as a storm that keeps you in hiding for hours. These are four updates for your home to keep you prepared for emergencies.

Pack an Emergency Supply Kit

Think about every basic thing that you can’t survive without for three days at most. There should be enough food, water and medication for you and your loved ones. Throw in a few flashlights, medical supplies, and batteries. Ensure that your emergency supply kit can comfortably last you about three days. You are free to add more for many days but just enough to help you survive.

Emergency Communication Gadget in Place

Invest in a separate emergency gadget that functions and has full battery life throughout. The gadget should have all your close family members’ and friends’ contacts. Also, it would be helpful to share your emergency number with friends, relatives, and neighbors in case the power goes out, and you need each other’s help. Inform your kids about the emergency phone number in the case you get separated.

Map out an Area of Resources around Your Residence

Your kids or other members of the community may be unfamiliar to your home and areas around it. You may want to properly formulate a map that describes all the surrounding areas such as the police, hospital, fire department, bus stop, food store, and pharmacy. Also, indicate locations in your home with possible exits other than the doors such as locations with gyprock plastering, for smooth evacuation. It would also be of help if you go through the map with your friends and relatives and plan ahead of a disaster. For instance, your network support may decide to head all to one route, perhaps an evacuation shelter.

Maintain Your Kit Storage and Let People Know of Their Locations

You may consider investing in multiple emergency kits and store them in various places. Since your life doesn’t revolve around home only, have one in the car, at work, school for the kids and at home. Keep replacing the expired items and updating the supplies as your needs change.

Being prepared for an emergency helps save lives and take control of the situation however unexpected. Create awareness for all people to be part of the planning process.

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