Taking Care of Business: 6 Helpful Services For Property Managers

6 Helpful Services For Property Managers

An array of essential services are needed to manage a property. Managers need to meet the expectations and needs of all tenants that pay their fair share of monthly rent and other fees.

Online Payments

Property managers can set up online payment options for tenants. Third party companies can make the payment processing and ultimately deliver the money to the property owners or managers. Online payment services eliminate the need to use traditional paper checks for rent.


Lawn care, grass trimming and tree maintenance are essential landscaping services for any property. Tree removal services also eliminate any safety hazards that may involve loose trunks or branches crashing onto roofs or windows. To improve the aesthetic appeal of a property, beautiful plants and flowers can be planted seasonally by landscaping companies. Fertilization and pruning are also part of regular landscaping maintenance.

Snow Removal

During winter conditions, property managers are obligated to clear up snow and ice from the driveways, sidewalks and walkways near buildings. Vehicles with snow plows need to be hired. Additionally, manual snow removal with hand shovels should also be done. Salting and de-icing are also part of snow removal services. During snowy conditions, property managers are responsible for all slips and falls that occur in common areas of buildings.

Trash Collection & Recycling

Managed properties usually have their trash and recyclable materials collected by private companies instead of municipal trucks that work for the sanitation department. Property managers can benefit from installing trash compactors to use trash collection trucks less frequently.

Handymen Services

It’s convenient to have handymen on call to fix any minor and major problems in managed properties. Handymen can provide basic maintenance and repairs on the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems of buildings that are rented out. Some managed properties such as apartment complexes may have full time handymen onsite. Handymen are also responsible for upgrading vacant units such as repainting the interior.

Professional Cleaning Services

Managed apartment and condo buildings need to be cleaned and maintained in the common areas. Professional cleaning services like Executive Cleaning Service LLC can vacuum, sweep, wash, rinse and wipe various surfaces including the floors, doors and walls. Additionally, the interior of buildings can be sanitized with disinfecting agents. Cleaning services can also include washing of building exteriors such as the windows, sidings and even rooftops.

Digital technology services should be integrated into modern property management. Additionally, traditional services such as landscaping, handymen and trash collection are also essential for managing properties properly.

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