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Tenant File reviewsTenant File property management software makes it easy to quickly enter rents and post expenses related to your rental properties. You can easily run numerous reports to see who’s late paying rent, total expenses, and much more. Create automatic payments for any vendor, write checks, and manage interior, exterior, and general features easily.

Software features include:

  • Separate Accounting – Tenant File maintains four separate accounting ledgers – one for each Owner, each Property, each Unit, and each Tenant.
  • One Screen Information – One screen shows you all the information you need to know.
  • Automatic Posting – Quickly post rents, management fees, late fees, owner payments, fixed amounts, and more!
  • Point and Click Reports – reports can be printed to your printer, screen, or a file by simply selecting the report you want.

Read the following user reviews of Tenant File to help you decide if their property management software is right for you.

Learn more about Tenant File property management software.

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8 thoughts on “Tenant File”

  1. Susan Fitzmaurice says:

    I was used to using a sophisticated, well organized property management and accounting system software. When we downsized number of apartments and needed less in tracking, we looked at reviews (read REIBrain who I now believe worked from a demo), tested demo as far is it would go, and purchased Tenant File. What a mistake! Data entry is sometime obtuse (won’t let you edit a received dollar amount in the ‘receive rent’ windows), help is EXTREMELY limited despite their description (short time limit on question, limit on number of questions per day!), errors pop up ALL the time and will exit you from the program, simple functions such as moving out tenants needs to be executed 2x or else old tenant’s ledger is incorporated into new tenant’s… Need I say more? I could, but suffice it to say… This program needs help.

  2. H.Nichols says:

    Poorly written program; accounting info. and reports are sorely lacking in content. Support is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and line is always busy; there is no support. Returned program and they tried to convince me the accounting info. I wanted is not necessary. Returned program/package by Priority Mail on 4/29/11, due to arrive in 2-3 days according to post office. Called today and they stated they received it yesterday, 5/11/11, would inspect it and then credit my VISA account in a couple of days; I advised Julie I mailed it on 4/29/11 and she sarcastically advised they received it 5/11/11?? Hope I get my money back.

  3. Paul Toller says:

    It is disappointing when someone like Susan states falsehoods about a product that is solid, easy to use, and each day serves over 10,000 real estate brokers and professional property management companies nationwide since 1995 and growing. Of course you can edit a dollar amount in the ‘receive rent’ windows and throughout the whole program. The Tenant File allows ‘in line’ editing of transactions, much like a spreadsheet in most cases.

    Tenant File technical support is unequaled in the property management software business. First, you have absolutely free phone support during the first 60 days from your purchase. You are not limited to the number of questions per day as stated, but you are limited to one 10 minute call a day. If you call during support hours and the lines are busy (not often), we will return your message the same day. During that same 60 day period, you can also use our free web support, which is excellent. You can click a button within the program, submit a question, and get an answer the same day. Our support staff answers all questions throughout each day and personally answers all questions by the end of the day. The Tenant File is very easy to learn and use, but the support doesn’t stop there. We provide a printed Quick Start Guide with every order, provide a free video which takes you through the entire program, and the full 100+ page User’s Guide PDF is built-in to the program in the Help File. That comes with a ‘How To…’ section which takes the user through all common tasks in a step-by-step fashion. Everything mentioned is free, but if a customer needs additional training and support, we offer extended phone support, personal training, and a training DVD for reasonable fees.

    I don’t know if the customer was have computer problems, a virus or something else, but the Tenant File certainly doesn’t have errors and any problems moving out an old tenant, which is easily done by thousands of customers on a daily basis. Even if the problem is related to issues on the customer’s own computer, we are still happy to help troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  4. Paul Toller says:

    This customer wanted an accrual (double-entry) accounting method and the Tenant File works on a cash basis, more like Quicken. Since property management is basically an income (rent and other income) vs expenses (repairs and other expenses), the ‘cash basis’ method is easier and more effective for most property owners and managers. We provide a free ‘Sample Program’ which the customer could have tried out before the purchase, or they could have called our 800 number to find out ahead of time what type of accounting it uses. In any case, we issued a refund according to our 30 day guarantee with no problem. We cannot control the US Postal shipping times (it took 12 days), but we can always provide proof of when we received a package, and packages are sometimes delayed in the mail beyond our control.

  5. Anne Kershke says:

    Don’t believe the negative comments. I have used the Tenant File software for YEARS (since 2002) and have never had a single problem. Whenever I have had a question, the support people have been prompt, friendly, and helpful. The program is easy to use, even for a non technical (think ‘older’) person like me! I just had to speak up for my favorite software! It has been great in helping me with my rental properties.

  6. Jessie Larry says:

    very few comments from satified people. I use the old program called rentright and is looking for something simple and easy like that program.

  7. Don says:

    I’m struggling with Tenant File. I really miss RentRight!

  8. Beverly says:

    Can I really do a free sample program to see how this works? If yes, please advise me of the procedure to do so and time limits on it. I am trying to get one of my clients to go with me for PM and he is very picky on the reports I can generate. Thank you

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