The Best Interior Design Styles for Apartment Dwellers on a Budget

Small spaces sometimes mean small budgets, but when you’re trying to design your apartment on a tight budget, you don’t have to compromise style because money might be tight. With some creativity and free thinking, you can create a unique space without emptying your bank account.

Spice Up Your Walls

If you’re renting, you probably can’t do anything permanent unless you’ve got a really awesome landlord. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, create an Art Deco accent wall or add a rustic touch to the space with removable wall paper. Removable wall paper is easy to apply and you can quickly take it off the wall without damaging the drywall behind it. Whether you want a solid color or a fun and funky pattern, you can find anything that suits your style.

Redo Your Furniture

If you’ve been toting a battered dining room table around since you graduated college, maybe it’s time to give it a face lift. A new piece of furniture might not be in the cards, but a can of paint and some sandpaper can really give your room a new look. Refinish it with a new stain color or give it some character with a tropical turquoise or stately red.

Accent With Rugs and Carpet

Renters aren’t usually able to get the carpet of their choice installed in their unit, but that’s no reason to give up and learn to love the boring, neutral tones your landlord chose. Mix things up with a few bright, bold, patterned rugs. These can be chosen to suit just about any style and design scheme, from ultramodern to Mediterranean. If you own your apartment, consider changing up the carpet as a quick and often-inexpensive way to alter the whole design. Long, white carpet can give a space a luxurious, elegant appearance while short, dark carpet can make a statement.

Utilize Creative Storage

Clutter is an inevitable problem in smaller living quarters, but storage options don’t have to cost more than your rent does. Start by ditching unnecessary furniture, books, pictures, and other items. Purchase furniture that doubles as storage, like ottomans, end tables, or even something like vintage suitcases. Angle tables, chairs, or tests in corners and use the hidden space behind it for some additional storage.

Fall In Love With Floating Shelves

Do you have an impressive book collection but don’t have the floor space for standing bookshelves? Hang floating shelves! They’re minimal in appearance and allow you to display your various collections without taking up additional room. If you feel like they’re closing the room in, add a few mirrors between the shelves to give the appearance of more space. Not only will you save space, but you’re giving yourself the gift of a changeable display. When you get tired of one look, switch it up with artwork, pictures, or even some tropical plants.

An apartment doesn’t have to look like your college dorm. Your personal living space can be fashionable and trendy without breaking your budget for the month. It’s amazing how far a little creativity can get you!

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